The NFL season is yet to begin, but there is one competition that is well underway and the stakes are much, much higher. The race to see who will be elected President of the United States is starting to get very exciting with just four months remaining in the race. On one side is the outspoken Donald Trump who is going up against the favorite in Hillary Clinton. One sportsbook is offering up wagering on this world changing event.

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Donald Trump started as a laughing stock and now is the Republican Party nominee for the office of the President of the United States. Trump started off as a long shot but has since seen his odds improve and his chances materialize as a legitimate candidate.

He started as a150/1 long shot, which would be an incredible payout for those that were on the Trump bandwagon early in his campaign. Despite the rise in popularity he is still clearly the underdog in the race to become the President of the United States.  The Democratic Party is –230 to win the presidency, making Clinton the clear favorite to win the election.  In early July, Hillary Clinton was available at –340 at Bovada although the odds have wavered during the race amid controversy. During that same time frame Trump was listed at +280 which is vastly improved over the previous 150/1 odds.

They also have unique betting props for certain events and with the Democratic National Convention starting now they will have even more exciting wagering options on what will go down over this four day event. This will include prop bets on what will happen and what Clinton may say in speeches.

When it comes to unique betting props and offerings there may be no better sportsbook than Bovada. Sign up now and place your bets on the election as the race unfolds and the newest President of the United States is elected.