Bookmaker Bonus Code - Promo & Sportsbook Review

You have already gotten a look at what to expect when you find a Bookmaker promo code, but there is so much more that you can find. This Bookmaker review will cover all of the top features of the operator, and also point out some areas that could be improved.

Bookmaker dates all the way back to 1985, but that obviously pre-dates the internet. Bookmaker Sportsbook was first brought online in 1996, and it has been a leader in this space since that time.

There is so much to explore when looking at Bookmaker, and it’s a company that has continued to grow and expand over time. If you can’t find a betting option at Bookmaker then you probably aren’t going to find it anywhere else.


  • Long list of Bookmaker promo codes to choose from
  • Long list of Bookmaker promo codes to choose from
  • Excellent ongoing promotions for customers
  • Some of the best betting odds and lines in the industry
  • Great customer support team


  • No mobile app available
  • Not as many international betting options

Bookmaker sports and betting markets

You will find betting options on both U.S. and international markets at Bookmaker, but there is a major focus on the top U.S. events. Bookmaker has continued to add new sports to its list of betting markets throughout the years, and it’s hard to imagine a sport that isn’t offered by this operator.

Nearly all of the sports offered from this operator will satisfy a Bookmaker promo code requirement, and nearly every league in each sport will be available as well. Here are some of the top sports you will see offered at Bookmaker:

  • Auto Racing
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • MMA
  • Motorsports
  • Soccer
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis

Since Bookmaker tends to focus on the top U.S. sports more than international events, you will see events and tournaments around March Madness and the Super Bowl every year. There are always exciting contests being offered from Bookmaker during this time, and that’s when you will want to get involved.

Not only will you find plenty of sports to wager on at Bookmaker, but you will also be able to use many different betting options. If you have seen the betting type offered by another operator then you can almost guarantee that Bookmaker has it as well.

One of the things that does stick out with Bookmaker is the fact that you will be able to find future betting odds for nearly every single sport. That’s not going to be the case with other companies, and it’s just another reason to choose Bookmaker.

Bookmaker banking options

The banking options at Bookmaker are pretty extensive, and you will find that the entire banking process is safe and convenient. Nearly all of the popular online banking options are going to be available, and crypto can be used as well.

Each of the banking options offered by Bookmaker will come with a different limit and fee, and you do need to consider that when doing your banking. Meeting the limit is the first important step, but you also need to factor in the fees that you will be required to pay.

Here are some of the deposit options that you will see offered from Bookmaker:

  • Visa: $50 Minimum, $2,500 Maximum- Limit of $8,000 per month
  • Bitcoin: $10 Minimum, $10,000 Maximum- No fees associated
  • Bank Wire: $2,500 Minimum with no maximum amount

There are going to be some other deposit methods offered as well, and you can find all of the banking information after you have logged into your account.

Making a withdrawal from Bookmaker is a relatively easy process as well, but you do have to watch out for fees there also. Using Bitcoin or another form of crypto when requesting a withdrawal is the only option that doesn’t come with a fee.

If you want to request your money via check, you are going to find that there is a $750 minimum, and the maximum amount you can get is $3,500. There is also a $50 fee associated with this request, and you need to take that into consideration.

Customer support at Bookmaker

Since Bookmaker has been around for more than 25 years, this company knows just how important it is to keep the customers happy. There is 24/7 customer support available at Bookmaker, and three different ways to get in touch with a real representative.

For those that are not needing an immediate answer, sending an email to the customer support team should deliver a more detailed answer. This is one area in which you might get a delayed response from Bookmaker depending on how many emails the company is receiving.

Live chat is another option that is available, or you can always make a phone call to speak with someone directly. Depending on the amount of people seeking an answer from customer support, you could find that you are waiting a bit to get that answer.

Overall, you will be pleased with the customer support that is offered from Bookmaker although you might not get an immediate answer.

Bookmaker betting limits and odds

The betting limits set by Bookmaker aren’t really even going to apply to most customers on the high side, as they are some of the largest maximum limits in the industry. Bookmaker requires each bet to be at least $1, but the maximum daily limit for a bettor is $20,000.

That maximum limit can actually be raised if needed, but it will require a conversation with the customer support team. For most people, wagering anywhere close to $20,000 in a day is not going to be something that happens.

The odds at Bookmaker are going to compare very favorably to other online sportsbooks, both pre-game and in-game wagering. Bookmaker has its own odds team that calculates what the odds and betting lines should be as those accordingly.

Live Betting and Streaming

If you are hoping to live stream sporting events through Bookmaker Sportsbook then you are going to find that this option isn’t going to be available. It’s just something that hasn’t been added yet to the Bookmaker site, and it’s one of the biggest cons that you are going to find.

Even though there is no live streaming available, there are plenty of live betting options on all of the major sporting events. Not only will Bookmaker offer many betting types for live events, but it is also known to have some of the best odds in the industry.

The live betting feature offered from Bookmaker Sportsbook is terrific, and the interactive bet slip makes it easy to get the wager in quickly. That’s obviously important when it comes to live betting because those odds will disappear in a hurry.

Bangthebook’s conclusion and recommendation

This Bookmaker review touched on most of the top features and functions of the site, but there are other reasons to use this operator as well. You don’t last more than 25 years in this industry without doing everything well, and that’s exactly what Bookmaker has been able to deliver.

There are still some areas in which Bookmaker can improve, but you are going to be extremely satisfied if you choose to do your online gambling with Bookmaker. Be sure to get a Bookmaker promo code when signing up for a new account, and continue to check out all of the bonuses and promotions available to existing customers as well.

You aren’t going to be disappointed with the betting options or the betting lines that you get from Bookmaker.