The second half of the baseball season is underway and for fans that like to bet on the game there is still time to put your money down on the team that you think will have the best chance to win the World Series. In order to do this the sports bettor will need to find two things. Those two things are the best team in baseball that could win it all and the best place to bet on baseball.

The sportsbook that should get some serious consideration when betting on baseball is BetMania. They are an all in one sports betting site that has everything that a baseball bettor enjoys when betting on the game. This includes everything from a long list of daily baseball betting props and betting features to incredible odds on every team. This also includes World Series futures for this season that allows the baseball bettor to put a few bucks on the team that they think will be crowned champions at the end of the season. They also have a very good customer service team that is ready to help you sign up, get your account loaded and start betting on baseball today. BetMania also likes to give their players something for signing up. They deliver a big time bonus for all of their new players which give each new signup some more money to bet on the boys of summer as they head towards a championship season.

Now all that the savvy baseball bettor has to do his figure out what team that they want to bet on.  A popular option could be the Chicago Cubs. The Chicago Cubs remain consensus World Series favorites heading into the final few months of the regular season. The Cubs are 7-2 to win the World Series at multiple sportsbooks that feature World Series futures betting odds. This should not be a surprise considering that they have an incredible pitching staff and a young up and coming lineup that can hit any pitcher in the league.

The Cubs may be a great option, but there are also some other teams that should also get some quality consideration. Those teams with great odds to win the World Series include the Washington Nationals, San Francisco Giants and newcomer Cleveland Indians whose odds are right around 6-1, followed by the Texas Rangers (10-1) and Baltimore Orioles (12-1). The Toronto Blue Jays, Boston Red Sox and Houston Astros also are teams that could get some attention and they have attractive odds of better than 15-1 at most quality baseball betting sportsbooks like BetMania.

The baseball season still has a few months to go before the playoffs begin but now is the time to check out BetMania and what they have to offer. Once you sign up you will instantly see why they have become to be known as one of the best places to bet on sports which of course includes the World Series!