The 1992 US men’s basketball team might be the greatest basketball team ever assembled, and they put the rest of the world on notice. It was the “Dream Team” that proved to the world just how dominant this country was at basketball, and it has been that way virtually ever since.

Things appear to be changing a bit, as the rest of the world is quickly closing the gap on the United States when it comes to basketball. The United States didn’t even medal at the most recent event, but this was a team without the biggest stars representing the team.

The next big international event won’t be until the 2024 Paris Olympics, and there is now pressure on the United States to deliver. The betting odds for that event are out, and there is no surprise as to what country is the betting favorite.

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USA is Favored to Win

The betting odds to win the 2024 Paris Olympics have been changing since they were originally announced, but the favorite has remained the same. Team USA is favored to win in Paris, as the betting odds currently have them set at -220.

The roster for the United States is going to be changing in a major way heading into that event, as LeBron James has already made it clear that he is going to play. Even adding him to the roster is going to give Team USA a better chance to get the job done, but he is also expected to be joined by other stars.

Those betting odds are much closer than expected, though, as they were not this close when they were first announced. Now might be the time to bet on Team USA, as you aren’t going to see those odds with more value than this, especially as the roster continues to get put together.

Best of the Rest

The rest of the world is coming for the United States, and those countries are coming fast. The betting odds are going to tell you that, and there are some serious contenders that are expected to be in the mix.

Before discussing some of the top challengers to the United States heading into the 2024 Paris Olympics, here are the betting odds that you are going to see at BetOnline:

  • Serbia +400
  • Canada +600
  • France +800
  • Germany +900
  • Australia +1400
  • Spain +1600

It should come as no surprise that Serbia is the next team on the list when it comes to the betting odds, as they will be led by Nikola Jokic at the 2024 Paris Olympics. That country has emerged as a serious contender, but they won’t be the only strong team in the event.

Canada and France are two other countries that will have a shot in Paris, and there is plenty of NBA talent on each roster. You can really go all the way down the list of teams listed above and see NBA talent on each roster.

Stars Get it Done

There were a number of reasons that Team USA failed to medal at the most recent event, but not having any real superstars was a big part of the reason. That’s not going to be the case in Paris in 2024, and that is going to make them a serious threat to win the title.

If LeBron James and company are really going to suit up and play in Paris, then Team USA is going to be impossible to deal with. You aren’t going to get a ton of value when betting on the favorites, but going with Team USA at -220 is the best way to wager.

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