Total Bets Sportsbook Bonus Code - Promo & Sportsbook Review

Shopping for a new place to bet on sports is not an easy endeavor. You have to look at angles and make sure that you get the total picture on all of the things that are being offered before you sign up and send your money to any sports betting site.

The same thing can be said for Total Bets Sportsbook. Total Bets Sportsbook has been online since 2000 and they offer up a 100 percent free play for all of their new players. They do not restrict any countries from signing up as they welcome all players from all walks of life. The website for Total Bets Sportsbook is not spectacular but it serves its purpose which is to attract new players.

If you peel back the top layer and look at Total Bets Sportsbook you will see that they are not in good company as they are directly connected to some of the biggest scam artists in the sports betting business. One of the names that this book is connected to is Apex Robbie. Apex Robbie used his experience with online marketing to rank highly in search engines, placing Apex on the map as a sportsbook which offered too good to be true bonuses that were successful reeling in player deposits. This big-bonus business model set Apex on a path of financial ruin, and just two short months after being recognized as a bottom level rated sportsbook, Apex closed its doors and stiffed its players thousands in winnings and ran away with all of the cash.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that one of the sportsbooks that he has brought back as a front to scam people is Total Bets Sportsbook. It also follows the same path that the other sports betting operations that they have set up in the past which of course includes giving their players big bonuses. They offer a 100 percent bonus at Total Bets Sportsbook and this comes with little to no rollovers which means that it is attractive to new players. Once you send your money off to Total Bets Sportsbook you can just kiss it good bye. They only have one goal and mission in mind and that is to take your money and leave you frustrated and penniless if at all possible. Total Bets Sportsbook is a scam and it is not the place that you want to sign up at. No matter what you hear or what you see, Total Bets Sportsbook is a scam so stay very far away!