Bonus Code - Promo & Sportsbook Review

They say that a name is everything. The name of a website is very important regardless of the business but it becomes even more important when it involves a sports betting operation. The name of the website is the first thing that people search for and that people see so it is important to be a good one.

Nowadays when people want something they turn to Google or other important search engines. The words that they search for depends on the thing that they are looking for. That is why it makes perfect sense that a sports bettor that is looking for a new sports betting site would turn to Google to find what they want when it comes to a new place to bet on sports. The most popular term that sports gamblers search for is sportsbook which is why several sites to include choose this word to be a part of their title. If they have the word sportsbook in their title of their site as well as all over their site then there is more of a chance that the new young sports bettor that is searching for a place to bet will find them.

So when hit the market they had the right name and they had a marketing team that knew what they were doing. All they needed now was a good customer service team and management team that knows how to treat their customer’s right and run a sports betting site and the sky would be the limit.

Unfortunately for and perhaps more importantly, their customers, they did not live up to the hype. In fact it seems like that the marketing team was the only part of this sports betting scene that did anything right. They did not have the right management team because they were built on the philosophy that the money matters the most. They wanted players to send money and they would roll out any bonus that they could to get people to sign up and they would not put customer service or payouts on top of their priority list.

Because of their name and their marketing, the customers came out in droves to sign up at this sports betting site but little did they know they were like sheep headed to slaughter.

The slow or no pay complaints started to pile up as this book was not paying and if they did pay they would pay just enough to keep the sportsbook watchdogs off their backs or to get their paying players to keep sending money. was a scam book and they were good at it.

After stealing hundreds of dollars and not paying out players they ended up merging with which essentially is the same sort of sports betting site that cannot be trusted. Luckily this sportsbook is no longer in service but the name and the negative legacy lives on and there are still plenty of sports bettors that believe that they can still win at a site like this. Think twice before signing up at a sportsbook like this and do you research so when you bet on sports, it’s to win!