Sports Betting International Sportsbook Bonus Code - Promo & Sportsbook Review

The word international sparks intrigue and curiosity as it usually stimulates the mind with images of a foreign place that caters to all. This is why many sports betting sites like to use the world international in their title, because it gives the impression that they cater to all walks of life. Usually when a sportsbook uses the word international in the title it can be a very good thing. However that is not always the case. Sometimes when a sportsbook uses the term international it is to trick customers into signing up thinking that regardless of where they are from they will be taken care of and they will be treated to a great sports betting experience.

Sports Betting International opened their doors in 2002 and they have been a disaster ever since. This sports betting site is everything that you do not want when signing up at a site to bet on sports or play in a casino. There are literally hundreds of sports betting sites that would be better options to sign up and play with than Sports Betting International. They have an incredibly disturbing history of scamming players out of thousands of dollars.

They started by having some of their people contact players and offer them a free line of credit to bet with. Whenever a sport betting site calls you up and offers anything for free that is the first bad sign that you know that you do not want to bet with that outlet. After offering credit to these people they ended up collecting on losses by harassing their payers and when their players won they would disappear, change their phone numbers, and cease contacting all players. This would leave the winning players with no money and no chance of collecting any cash. This got so bad for the customers of Sports Betting International they lost over a combined $15,000 dollars. They are obviously working with rogue agents and running scams.

When sports book watchdogs tracked down the management at Sports Betting International they promised that they would pay all of their players. This is a promise that they never followed up on. They did not keep their word and their players never got paid. This is a sure sign that you do not want to sign up at this shady sports betting operation. The history alone would tell you that this place is to be avoided and in fact it should be blacklisted. That means regardless of the turnaround that this sports betting site could have in the future, there is no need to trust it and there is never a good reason to send money to this sports betting site. Once a scam, always a scam and if you are looking for a new place to bet on sports then look elsewhere because Sports Betting International is bad news.