Sport Fanatik Sportsbook Bonus Code - Promo & Sportsbook Review

Betting on sports can be so exciting and fun, especially if you have never done it before. The world becomes intoxicating and you cannot wait to enjoy the next game or the next betting experience, but you always have to make sure that you are playing at a reputable website or your excitement could quickly fade.

Many sportsbooks, even the best ones, run out of potential clients that they could tap so they open up a new sports betting site. These sites often are run on the same software as the previous sportsbooks so they look familiar to sports bettors but at the same time they offer up a new experience and as mentioned that can be very exciting.

This can also be done with bad sports betting sites that have bad reputations. They can open up a new place with the same software and almost the same look with hopes of tricking the player to coming back and dropping more money.

Sport Fanatik is a sportsbook that may have a familiar platform when you go to their website. They opened up shop in 2000 and they have no restrictions on the places that they will allow to sign up and at the same time they do not offer any big-time bonuses that are usually part of a scam book, but that website and the software looks so familiar. The reason that the website and the software look so familiar at Sport Fanatik is because it is the same software and type of site that is used by The reason that it looks so familiar is because it is. Sport Fanatik is the same ownership and management as and that is not a good thing at all.

This is the same sportsbook that offers a famous ten dollar free bet. That looks good on the surface because it allows the new sports bettor to try out their luck and try out a new sports betting site all at the same time. However, if they win with that free ten bucks they will never see it. This organization and sports betting operation have had many new players take that ten bucks and flip it into a big payout and the end result is that management claims that the fine print says that anyone who takes the free ten bucks can never request a payout on it. Never is a mighty long time and there has been more than one player who turned that ten bucks into big money only to see it taken away when they asked to get a payout.

Sport Fanatik is under that same umbrella which means they have the same tactics. Because they have these tactics, this is a sports betting site that you do not want to be a part of. This is a group that has stolen thousands from players and this extends beyond the free ten bucks.

The reason the site looks familiar is because it is a bad site and not one that you want to sign up with. Stay away from Sport Fanatik and sign up with a reputable sports betting site and avoid the hassles.