Nitrogen Sports Review Bonus Code - Promo & Sportsbook Review

When playing at an online sportsbook it all starts with safety and security along with the reputation of the place that you are considering signing up at. Once that is covered the sports betting fanatic wants to play at a sports betting site that has the latest features and options that modern technology will allow and one sportsbook that is claiming to do that is here!

That sportsbook is Nitrogen sportsbook and you know they have a modern flair when you head over to the site. They have in big bold letters that they are powered by Bitcoin which is the future of currency. While this is impressive, what is a bit discouraging is the fact that you cannot look around this site without opening an account.

When you first visit this site you will be prompted to open an account before you even get a chance to look around. This forceful tactic comes off poorly and seems vigorous to a certain extent that is not really needed. Once you get past that unwanted prompt you can get a look at the website and everything that they have to offer.

It starts off with another click link to create a Bitcoin account because that is the type of currency that the like to deal with. Their motto is changing the way the world bets on sports, but it should be forcing things on people. There is no doubt that Bitcoin is something that people are using and it does make things very easy if you are used to it, but if you are not used to it then you could be intimidated by the process.

It does not help that this is the only method that they seem to offer at Nitrogen Sports. They are also very vague with their other offerings. The front page says that they have five promotions which includes free bets and a grand prize. However when you click for rules on how to enter it is vague at best. It could be the best promotion in the world but you have to call to find out more about it because the site offers nothing.

They also suggest that they are ultra-secure with a 2-factor authentication system to provide maximum security for your account. When dealing with Bitcoin it is important for their processor to be secure, but they offer little in proof. The same could be said for their claim that they have fast deposits and payouts. They also suggest that “most” games are graded minutes after they end. You want to sign up with a sportsbook that grades “all” plays once they are completed.

Their sports betting menu would suggest that they have a wide variety of betting options and sports to wager on like Rugby, Handball, Darts, and e-sports, but this is one of the few things that looks interesting about this sportsbook.

Nitrogen sports has some work to do because right now they look more like an advertisement for Bitcoin than a world class sportsbook.