My Sportsbook Bonus Code - Promo & Sportsbook Review

In the sports betting world sometimes sports betting outlets need a re-do or a makeover. This happens when a sportsbook has a tough run or if they have had some bad management that gets their sport betting website a bad reputation. Sometimes this makeover gives the sportsbook a new life and other times it does not matter.

If you do something bad in the sports betting world it is something that can stick with you forever. This is why many new sports betting outlets only get one chance to make an impression and if they mess it up, it could mean the death of the sports betting outlet.

This is exactly what happened to My Sportsbook. They opened their doors and started accepting sports betting clients in 1999. They did not restrict any countries as they allowed everyone to sign up and they offered up a modest 25 percent bonus to all of their new players. Everything looks good for this new sports betting outlet and it looked like if they continued to move into a positive direction they could be one of the best sports betting sites in the business. Unfortunately that failed to happen and the end result was a sports betting site that went down and they went down quickly amid bad news that seemed to follow this sports betting site regardless of the situation.

It started only five years after the sportsbook opened as they struggled with payouts and they had problems paying players. Payouts were slow or disappeared and this sports betting site got an ugly reputation early on.

The very next year they started confiscating winnings from the players that were making a profit at their sports betting site. The sportsbook said that the players were abusing their bonus system which is an incredibly stupid statement considering the management offered up these bonuses and so they should only blame the team that they hired to run this miserable sports betting site.

They would use these excuses to collect all the winnings from more than one player and the complaints started to mount as My Sportsbook was being known for making big mistakes and running shady practices as opposed to taking care of their players and doing the right thing. One player actually had over $11,000 of his winnings completely wiped out from his account. The sportsbook said that it was lost on a horse racing wager, but failed to show proof.

My Sportsbook tried to improve their reputation by joining forces with in an attempt to get a makeover, but they had some serious payout problems which led to months of not paying their players. In this case, the makeover only made things worse for My Sportsbook. There is no longer a My Sportsbook as the bad reputation caught up with them and they transferred all of their players and all of their accounts to which is still having big problems and they too could soon be defunct. The history is bad for My Sportsbook and the only good news is that players can no longer sign up with My Sportsbook.