Las Palmas Sportsbook Bonus Code - Promo & Sportsbook Review

Many sports betting sites have exotic names. These names are put on their marquee because they believe that they offer all of their clients a sports betting site set in paradise that gives their players everything that they could ever ask for when it comes to a place to bet on sports or enjoy time playing in an online casino.

The problem with sportsbooks with exotic names is that they are often put on a sports betting site to mislead their players. Las Palmas sportsbook is a place that offers up an exotic name, but when it comes to about anything else, they fail miserably.

One look at their sports betting site and you will instantly see that they do not offer much. The front page of their website is nothing more than a shell which offers little to no information for the player that is considering signing up. This shows that they perhaps are not sharing as much information as they could be sharing. They claim to offer a wide range of internet betting and wagering options around the clock, but outside of that simple claim that applies to every sports betting shop that is online today, they don’t say much.

They also show on their front page that they are powered by America’s Bookie which is not something that they should be bragging about. Although the America’s bookie website has much more to offer as far as information is concerned, one look behind the curtain shows that the website has a dark and dubious past.

Las Palmas sportsbook and America’s sportsbook are a part of the brand that is put forth by Apex Robbie and Apex Sportsbook. Apex Sportsbook was a failed sportsbook that collapsed due to a bad management philosophy that rewarded players with big bonuses with little regards to the financial burden that would be put on the company. The business collapsed and they folded and had no intentions of paying back the players that had high balances in their account. This caused the players to be scammed out of thousands. Apex sportsbook was no longer in business, but the money that was collected during the scam was used to launch another family of sportsbooks which included both America’s Sportsbook and Las Palmas sportsbook. This makes Las Palmas sportsbook a place that should be avoided at all costs. Apex continues to try and attract customers with disturbing marketing practices and they could easily crush their client base once again.

This is the kind of reputation that you will want to avoid when looking for a new place to bet on sports. If the weak website representing Las Palmas sportsbook was not enough, then the history of the management team and the ownership should be enough.

The sports betting landscape is covered with quality places to sign up with and bet on sports which is why Las Palmas sportsbook should not be on your radar. This place is better off to be pushed aside then added to your list of places to bet on sports.