I Bet Casino and Sportsbook Bonus Code - Promo & Sportsbook Review

I Bet, you bet and we all like to bet, but the one thing that we like even more is to get paid. When signing up at a sports betting site you have to make sure that they are worthy of your business or else they will walk away with all of your money as you sit there wondering what happened.

I Bet casino and sportsbook may seem like a quality name and a quality sports betting destination, but think again. The website is awful and in fact it is not even called I Bet casino and sportsbook. Go To Entertainment is one of the biggest names in sports betting history when it comes to scamming sports bettors out of millions of dollars and they are at it again with one of their latest names, I Bet Casino.

See there is no such thing or site as I Bet Casino. Go To Entertainment is the actual website that the client will be sent when they click on a link and go to I Bet Casino. They may think that they are going to I Bet Casino, but in reality they are going to Go To Entertainment and straight into the hands of a scam book. They are eagerly awaiting to try and process your deposits, make false promises of big bonuses and big time gaming experiences and then they take your money as they laugh all the way to the bank and you are left scratching your head wondering what went wrong.

They offer up a 50 percent cash bonus when you sign up and send money and they have the nerve to offer up a 10 percent loyalty rebate that also is connected with a 10 percent casino weekly cash back and a 10 percent horses monthly cash back rebate as well as a 5 percent sportsbook monthly cash rebate to entice you to sign up. They realize that it is the kind of perks that will have new bettors swarming to the doors to send money to their account and start betting on sports.

If you bet on sports and lose, they win at Go To Entertainment as they claim your money. If the player ends up winning, don’t expect to get paid. This is the same place that took over a year to even acknowledge that they owed a player over $18,000 and they never followed through with the payment.

Just one Google search could give you enough reason to never sign up with Go To Entertainment, I Bet Casino, or any sports betting or casino locations that is associated with this organization. This is one of the worst sports betting sites in the history of sports betting sites and they are still clearly trying to deceive all of their new and existing players.

Bad management, shady practices and non-payment are just the start of the reasons not to sign up with any sportsbook that is associated with this dirty organization. You have been warned; stay very far away from Go To Entertainment and I Bet Casino.