Get A Bet Sportsbook Bonus Code - Promo & Sportsbook Review

Everyone likes to get a bet whenever they can get one. Many people will bet on anything, but even the people that love to bet on anything know that they have to find a reputable place to wager. The place had to have a great game plan and they have to be safe and secure.

Get a Bet Sportsbook is not that place. They do make sure that every player that they sign up can Get a Bet but getting paid out is the problem. One look at this sports betting site and it is easy to see the problems that a new player could encounter.

The first thing that catches your eye is that this sport betting location offers up a $1,000 dollar credit line to all of their players. This may be very tempting for the sports bettor that may not have a big bankroll, but don’t fall for it. Any sports betting site that offers credit is not one that you want to be a part of. It always leads to problems. Always. There is never a reason to get on the hook for credit when it comes to an online sports betting site. It allows them to force you to bet and hold your money and your winnings hostage. That is the first and most glaring reason to stay away from Get a Bet Sportsbook or you will have to deal with nothing but hassles.

They have a philosophy that is run by intimidation and sneaky rules to keep the players sending money without ever paying them out. Just look at their payout and depositing procedures. Here are the requirements that they have for a withdrawal: Any customer, who is up $300 or more at weeks end, can make a withdrawal request no later than 9:00 am EST on Wednesday to be paid the same week.

Any customer that wants to make a deposit will have to follow insane rules and they even are forced to deposit. Any customer, who is down $300 or more at weeks end, must make a deposit within one week for the entire amount owed prior to placing additional wagers.

They even have a deadbeat page where they seek to embarrass and intimidate their clients when it comes to getting paid or not being able to cover their gambling debts with a “Deadbeats” page that insults their clients. These are the exact clients that they are seeking out to join their website and they are the same ones that they target to insult.

Get a Bet Sportsbook is connected to other scam books in the business and they have no intention of paying anyone. If you go on a run and win big you will not get paid. If you lose they will shame you and hope that you feel bad enough that you will actually pay them.

Do yourself a favor and don’t even go to this website. They are scum and they like to leech off players and you deserve better. If you need to get a bet, go to one of the better sportsbooks in the business and stay away from this place.