Bet Trojan Sportsbook Bonus Code - Promo & Sportsbook Review

The reason that many sports betting fans have chosen to bet online is because it is much easier than betting with the local bookie. The local bookie experience is dangerous, illegal and often can get many sports betting fans in trouble by owing large sums. To avoid being in trouble they should find a good place to bet online.

Bet Trojan is one of the places that many people may look to sign up with. They are part of the Top Cat sports brand. Top Cat Sports originally opened as a credit shop and gave players the option to play on credit which of course led to some problems as they attempted to take over for a local bookie and keep players signed up. It actually worked in the early years as Bet Trojan ran without many complaints and they had reduced juice options and offered up huge bonuses which attracted both small and large players. Many believed that this method of running business like this would result in some problems down the road and they were right.

They opened their doors in 2005 and started by giving out a 100 percent bonus to all of their new players, something that they still offer today. They offer a sport betting platform as well as a flash game casino and a horse racing section where their players can bet on horses. If your goal is to bet on the go, they also offer a mobile betting platform.

If you like to bet at a casino, you may want to find another place to play as other sports betting sites have some better features which includes a live casino. Bet Trojan is still very far behind the times when it comes to the casino.

Bet Trojan also has some problems as they have been reported to take winnings form players when they have won. In 2009 Bet Trojan confiscated winnings for betting on soft lines, they later retracted that problem by paying out the player, but they now have a stain of keeping winnings which is something that will stick with a sports betting site for a long period of time.

Bet Trojan also has a history of overcharging players for taking out their funds. It is difficult enough to win but to get overcharged for taking out funds is just awful. As early as last year, a player was charged $300 for taking out $6000. This is a huge fee considering that some sports betting platforms will do it free if you are taking out with Bitcoin or they will have fees that hover around the $50 range. This is a problem because they only allowed the player to get his funds via person to person and this meant he could only do it once a week and had to pay over the top fees.

Bet Trojan is not an incredibly bad sportsbook, but they have enough red flags that could keep away a new sports bettor that is looking for a place to bet on sports.