Bet My Line Sportsbook Bonus Code - Promo & Sportsbook Review

There are plenty of sportsbooks in the sports betting business and then there are sportsbooks that offer up the opportunity to become an agent. Then there is one sportsbook that is not afraid to offer up both options and give the player a chance to bet and become an agent if they so desire.

Bet My Line Sportsbook has been in the business since 2005 when they originally came online but they have somewhat flown under the radar when it comes to what they offer or what kind of history that they have to offer the prospective player that is considering signing up.

They have a live chat service and an email and phone number that allows their players to sign up, but outside of that it is kind of quiet when researching the services at Bet My Line. This could be because they also offer the services of their sports betting site as a vessel for bookies. Basically bookies (also known as agents) can sign up and send all of their players to Bet My Line and they can use this site to place their bets. All they have to do is collect the funds. This can be a bit tricky for a sports betting site. This is of course illegal in many countries and confusing this practice with other sports betting options can make things very difficult.

From a personal sports betting perspective they don’t look all that bad. They do have reduced juice options which have become very popular. Although it is limited to -108 on Tuesdays and -105 on Fridays, just having a reduced juice option is a good thing when selecting a sports betting site.

At Bet My Line they also have different betting options. Although sports are the most popular option that they offer they also advertise that they have horses a casino and a live dealer option. They follow that up with some mundane services which include a parlay calculator, teaser calculator and the ability to bet on mobile. These are options that any sports bettor can easily get with one quick search on Google.

The bottom line is that Bet My Line does not measure up with other sportsbooks. They are obviously more concerned with attracting agents than they are anything else. They boast free live lines which again are a feature that sports bettors can find anywhere else on the internet if they try hard enough.

The real reason that they are pushing free live lines is because they would much rather be an agent sportsbook than a sportsbook for regular players. They don’t even disclose location or options to fund an account which is a clear sign that this is an agent book.

If you are a bookie looking for an agent then maybe Bet My Line deserves some attention but if you are looking for a place to safely bet on sports and are not a bookie, then it is best that you look elsewhere.