Bet Golden Eagle Sportsbook Bonus Code - Promo & Sportsbook Review

The scariest part about signing up with a sports betting site is the unknown. The less that a sports betting site tells you, the better chance that they are trying to hide something and that should be the first warning sign if you are a new sports bettor looking for a place to bet on sports. Until you know everything about a sport betting site you should proceed with caution.

That is why if you took the time to check out Bet Golden Eagle Sportsbook, you should be thinking twice before signing up. Bet Golden Eagle Sportsbook is located in Costa Rica, which is usually a good thing. Everyone knows that if they are going to bet offshore at a sport betting site that Costa Rica is usually a safe place to start. They have also been in business since 2006 which means they have about ten years’ experience, which is yet again a good sign. The problem is after that it is hard to find any information about Bet Golden Eagle Sportsbook.

Just one visit to the site and you will be puzzled by the direction that this site is headed in. At first it looks like an agent sports betting website since it just has a login. An agent sports betting site is a site that caters to sports bettors and local bookies that want to have their business moved to an online format. Moving it to an online format makes it easy for a local bookie to keep track of all of his action and all he has to do is collect the money. While a site like this is good for the bookie, it is not good for a player.

Bet Golden Eagle Sportsbook shows nothing on their website and in fact if you click on certain links it will show next to nothing. Click on the promotions link and see what Bet Golden Eagle Sportsbook is offering to new players or existing players and you will see that the link is a road to nowhere. The link is not dead but it just redirects to the front page which could mean that Bet Golden Eagle Sportsbook has no promotions at all. Any sports betting site will at least have a bonus for new players and most will have reload bonuses for all of their players If Bet Golden Eagle Sportsbook has bonuses you won’t know until you sign up.

They do have icons on the front page which shows a few ways that they accept deposits but again, it is vague and that is just a guess. When you look for a new place to sign up it is important that you get as much information as possible. It could be information on the history of the site, how they pay people out or how they make their lines, but at Bet Golden Eagle Sportsbook you get absolutely nothing.

Betting and or signing up at a sports betting site without this information is just stupid and that is why you should avoid this site at all cost.