1Vice Bonus Code - Promo & Sportsbook Review

Everyone in life has one vice and at one sportsbook they actually celebrate it and mention that life is missing something if you do not have one. So why not celebrate your vice, especially if it is sports betting vice by signing up with a new sports betting site.

1Vice Sportsbook is one of the fastest growing and most trusted sports betting site online today. However, it is not out of the norm for a sports betting site to make claims like this without any real backing. One stop at the 1 Vice website and you will see that it is nothing special although it is great to see that they have a live chat assistance feature. This allows the player to click a button and get instant assistance from a member of the customer service staff so you can get all of your questions answered right away.

1Vice opened its doors in 2011 and they offer a 100 percent free play to all of their new signups. Not only do they offer big bonuses but they offer big bonuses on big deposits which makes it a place that a high roller would like to sign up at since these types of bonuses will instantly boost your bankroll. The problems with big bonuses, especially on big dollar amounts, is that it usually ends up being a big problem for the sports betting site. This practice can get a sports betting site into trouble financially because they open up their books and their wallets to more exposure in hopes of building a client base.

This is exactly what happened to 1 Vice as they have changed many things in recent months and the players are feeling the pain. Players have reported receiving emails advising them that their accounts have been officially assumed by RDG Corp (the parent company behind sportsbooks Americas Bookie, Bet33, and other skins) along with a 10X rollover on their balances. Three players have also confirmed receiving an email informing them their action is not welcome. So 1Vice was assumed by RDG Corp which has an awful reputation and they started eliminating winning players. The other players that wanted to leave after this move was punished by having to meet a rollover and they then were paid out in installments or payment plans. This is unacceptable on so many levels from a sports betting site.

It is okay to limit or eliminate players if they are considered to be professionals because this happens all the time at lower tiered sports betting sites. However, punishing players that want to leave for one reason or another is in incredibly poor taste. This sends a message to the players that if you want to leave they will make you pay for it and hold your money hostage. It also shows poor management by putting those same players on a payment plan when their website boasts quality customer service.

1 Vice is not a place that you will want to play at. Their shady history and mistreatment of players make this a place to avoid when looking for a new place to bet on sports.