Do you want to bet on Tiger Woods in the PGA Championship? Is there something holding you back? That kind of Cinderella story could never happen again, right? A lot of people have talked about Tiger's Masters victory like it was part of a "miracle comeback," as if it had somehow happened all of a sudden. No one wants to disparage what Woods (+1160 at BetAnySports to win this week's PGA Championship) has done; after all, returning from the kind of back injuries he's had was a huge accomplishment. We pulled up a Time Magazine story written for his 40th birthday, where he spoke about what he was doing for rehab after back surgery: "I walk 10 minutes on the beach. That’s it. Then I come back home and lie back down on the couch, or a bed." Almost as painful as the injury was watching golf on TV. "I can’t remember the last time I watched golf. I can’t stand it.," he told the writer. Yes, he was that far down and now he's on top again. Of course, it's not the greatest comeback in the history of sports, as has been suggested by some (hasn't anyone heard of Mario Lemieux? George Foreman?). The fact is, we could actually see something like this coming. Or should have. Maybe the standards Tiger set in the past blinded some folks about that. But he was making discernible strides. How many people realize that he's had six Top 10 finishes in his last 14 tournaments? And that one of those was a win in the prestigious Tour Championship, which ultimately propelled him into second place in last year's FedEx Cup standings? Actually this "miracle" has been the latest step in a progression. Tiger Woods has been right in the thick of things in each of the last three majors, finishing among the top six in all of them. Even prior to the win at Augusta, he actually had the lead all by himself on the final day of the 2018 British Open, before falling into a tie for sixth while Francisco Molinari claimed the Claret Jug. Then, in the PGA Championship, which took place in August, he fired a 64 on Sunday, his best final round ever in a major, to place second, two strokes away from Brooks Koepka. And then of course, he beat Koepka by a stroke in the Masters. So looking at what led up to it, that win shouldn't have been a shock to the system at all. My point here is that if you would question the chances of Woods, dismissing the Masters title as a "one-off," that could be a mistake. He was in the process of re-establishing himself as one of the top money players in the world even before Augusta. And if you believe in the concept of "horses for courses," Bethpage Black is not a bad place for him to be. In 2002 he was the only player in the U.S. Open to break par for the tournament, and that was his eighth major win. My point is that I wouldn't be surprised if he could win again. The odds at BetAnySports for him to win the Grand Slam are 50-1 (+5000). He is +2000 to win three majors, and +325 to win two of them. He did not come to the Bethpage Black course on Wednesday. No, it wasn't because he forgot that the date of the PGA had been moved to May (presumably to escape the blistering heat in August), but because he wanted to get some rest instead. He played nine holes over the course on Monday. I'll be betting him to win. And if you want to opt for a little more "security," he is listed at +135 to make it into the Top 10, +265 to crack the top five, and -765 to make the cut. Maybe there isn't all the value in the world in some of that. But it will be fun to watch him chase it down. BetAnySports has loads of golf propositions for the PGA Championship, including head-to-head matchups and special fields. You'll have to see it to believe it! And don't forget that on the NBA Playoffs, nothing brings you better value than reduced juice....... Open up an account by using your Visa card, person-to-person transfers (like Western Union or MoneyGram) or the virtual currency of Bitcoin, which is fast and easy with their automated system, and NEVER incurs a transaction fee!