We know that if you are reading this page, you are probably an avid sports bettor. As such, you are undoubtedly someone who seeks out value wherever you can get it. Well, the folks at BetOnline Sportsbook have a nice twist to offer you. They know that parlays are a particular favorite. And so they are offering bets with multiple components as something they refer to as the "Odds Boosters." When I first heard about it, I thought it was something quite complicated. But in reality, it's very simple. When you take advantage of Odds Boosters, you will get a much better potential payout than if you played the parlay under normal circumstances. In fact, they challenge you to get better odds anywhere else on this kind of proposition. Two and three-part parlays are the norm. But here is one important thing to point out - you are not picking any parlay you choose, but instead a specific parlay that BetOnline chooses for you. Even so, you might be able to find quite a few of them during a week's time that will fit very nicely into the way you are "leaning," if you get my drift. We're going to give you some generic examples of how this works. So let's say you've got a couple of NHL teams ready to hit the ice on a given night. BetOnline designates the two teams and offers you an Odds Booster special price on both of them winning, using the money line: NHL: Team A & Team B both to WIN +245 It isn't very hard to determine whether you're getting value. Team A, on the money line, is priced at -111. Team B is -146. So they are both favorites. That translates to percentage chances of .526 and .593, respectively. Multiply them, and you'll get .312, which means a 31.2% chance you'll hit the parlay. If it was 33.3%, for instance, you'd know your odds are one in three, or two-to-one (2-to-1), which would convert to an "American" line of +200. As it is, when you do the math, you'll find the price against you to be +221 (rounding up), which represents the "true" odds based on the money line prices. Well, in the Odds Booster scenario, your price would be +245, so as you can see, that's a significant step up. Based on a $100 wager, this is a return of $245, rather than, say, $221. In other words, that's about 11% more than you would get otherwise. And by the way, this model would also apply to other sports like baseball or soccer or even football, where the money line is used. You might see it in basketball too, but let's use a different hoops example. Here we have Team A, which is a seven-point favorite, and the total is 226-1/2 points. In the "Odds Boosters" section of the sportsbook interface, you find that you can get a price of +325 for a parlay with Team A laying 7-1/2 and OVER 224-1/2 on the total. So what they're asking you to do is lay a half-point more and then deal with the line adjustment on the total. Well, you may actually like the favorite a lot, and maybe you were just fine with going over the total, even if it was 226-1/2. So this may be a parlay for you. You might dig into this and find that the adjusted price on laying the extra half-point brings the "juice" to +100, which is even money. And the adjusted line on the total brings the price on that to -130. Parlaying those two entities under normal circumstances, you will arrive at a "true" price of +254. So you can see that you'd be doing a lot better at +325. That's essentially how the Odds Booster works. It has been described by some as "parlay odds on steroids." And that's not a lie. Except these particular steroids and not only legal and legit, they're preferred. Like they say - try to get better odds anywhere else. And it follows that if you're getting a good deal, you want to see more and more of it. So make sure you check the Odds Booster page on a daily basis, because you never know what value could be waiting for you. . You can only get Odds Boosters at BetOnline, where you can't beat the speed of the payouts, and you can make deposits in a number of different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin........... Keep checking with the website,. because there's always going to be a full slate pf promotions for players. That includes casino and poker action as well....... Come on over and sign up today!