Will it be the Bucks, the Utah Jazz, the Suns, The Nets, The Clippers or Lakers? The dice are now cast, and only a few remaining top ensembles stemming from both West and East Conferences will fight at the finals for the right to be the sole holders of the Larry O’Brien Trophy, and we’ll all be attentively watching. As is tradition, oddsmakers everywhere have kept themselves busy by posting - and readjusting - all the betting odds for the wrap-up of the 2020-21 whole season, and that includes a list of very juicy propositions and futures, that still hold true for many of the top-searched categories by the fans. And just so happens that, in following the trend we found our friends at classic sportsbook brand JAZZSports.ag, who were kind enough to share with us their latest Odds to Win the 2020-21 NBA Championship. We couldn’t let go of the opportunity of sharing these special action tidbits with our readers, so we’ve put together a very brief review of the top participants and their betting prices, appearing right below these lines. jazz sportsbook   2021-NBA Championship - Odds to Win* Courtesy of JAZZSports.ag
Team Odds to Win
Brooklyn Nets +200
Los Angeles Lakers +250
LA Clippers +500
Utah Jazz +600
Philadelphia 76ers +700
Milwaukee Bucks +800
Phoenix Suns +1000
Denver Nuggets +3000
Miami Heat +3000
Dallas Mavericks +4000
*Odds are subject to change.

2020-21 NBA Championship Betting Odds

Though there’s been some talk in pundit channels in regards to some “yet-unearthed” chances for the Phoenix Suns and the Milwaukee Bucks, the betting reality is one quite different: While most oddsmakers continue to give unusual credit to the Lakers - despite their very troubled regular season sun -, they have wisely decided to step them down just one level, and are now positioned as second-best team to win the championship, with a +250 money line price (that’s $100 stake for every $250 won). The team now well-established in the first place is none other than the Brooklyn Nets (+200 ml), and there’s plenty of reasons to beck up that bet: The Steve Nash-led team pushed for consistency through this year’s regular season, and made darn good use of super valuable assets like those of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden. They currently occupy the #2 slot at the Eastern Conference with 48 wins (only one below the 76ers) and 24 losses, and have scored a total of 667 points throughout. The Clippers (now at +500 ml) make another excellent choice, having amassed impressive numbers in both the defensive and offensive ends. Whether there’s any real drama going on between players and coach Tyronn Lue that could hinder their execution in any way, chances are we won’t be finding out much in any direction until the end of postseason. You can now find the complete list of Odds to Win the 2020-21 NBA Championship at JAZZSports.ag, alongside their vast collection of props and futures for the soon-starting Playoffs. Claim your special Bonus with promo code SB150, and enjoy the last phase of the premier basketball league in style!