Without question, In-Game Live Betting is the future in the sports betting industry. As lines get tighter and there is more and more information, including all of the statistical databases for the leagues now that we’re in the era of legalization, it will be harder to find edges on full-game lines. In-Game Live Betting allows you to follow along with the game and pick your spots once you’ve already seen how the game is going. In the context of baseball, live wagering can be an extremely profitable venture.
  • If you notice that the starting pitcher is losing his command or his fastball has lost some zip, maybe that is a good time to bet against him.
  • If one of the key middle of the order bats left with an injury and was replaced by a bench guy that is an inferior hitter, maybe that is another good time to live bet.
Live betting is great because you have the opportunity to bet based on the game flow and based on your eyes. Every pregame wager has some level of uncertainty to it. Live wagers do as well, simply because anything can happen, but at least you can bet with a higher degree of confidence having seen what is going on.

Live Betting Strategies

Another benefit to live betting in a lot of sports is that the odds are simply algorithmic. The odds will be based on how much time or how many innings are left in the game, what the score is, and usually based on what the closing lines were before the game. Most live betting interfaces don’t take into account a player sitting down with foul trouble.
In the case of Major League Baseball specifically, managers can sometimes make some poor decisions.
  • Maybe Terry Francona didn’t have a right-handed pitcher ready in time to face Aaron Judge in the seventh inning with two guys on.
  • Maybe Dusty Baker is letting his starter pitch into the seventh inning even though he’s danced out of danger in each of the last two innings.
  • Maybe Joe Maddon is unwilling to pinch hit for a batter that can’t hit righties worth a lick.
Because the nature of baseball is so matchup-dependent, you can find good in-game betting opportunities. If Aaron Nola gives up two runs in the first inning on a walk and a home run, he’s very likely to settle in and pitch well the rest of the game. You can live bet the game at that point. Money lines, run lines, and totals are all available when it comes to In-Game Live Betting, so you can bet on that big comeback against a tired bullpen or bet on the team with the lead to increase it in the late innings against a team that won’t be using its best relievers while trailing. Before the game, we have no idea how it will play out. A team may be a big favorite on the money line, but may wind up getting a bad start from the starting pitcher and trail in the late innings. Maybe that team was a big favorite because the opposition has a poor lineup and a bad bullpen. That could be a good time to live bet the pregame favorite at a better price because the game is 4-2 in the seventh inning and the home team is trailing. Most live betting interfaces won’t be able to tell if Alex Cora goes to Craig Kimbrel or some other reliever. But you know. And you can live bet that game and take a chance on the Red Sox blowing that game without their closer. Or maybe a team is trying a young guy in a high-leverage situation in September.

Final Thoughts on MLB Live Betting

Picking your spots is something that you should do in every betting context, whether it is full-game or in-game. It’s just easier to do during the game because you are seeing how everything is playing out in real-time. Maybe you bet a game expecting all of the relievers to be available, but you found out that Jordan Hicks is sick for the Cardinals and somebody else is the closer. That means that somebody else is in the eighth inning role, which means that somebody else is in the seventh inning role. All of the sudden, there are guys being asked to fill roles that they don’t normally fill. Astute observers can take advantage of a lot of sports over the course of the season, so this is definitely something that you want to add to your baseball betting repertoire.