The boxing fans are all excited because they could get a chance to see a dream matchup and a collision of two sports worlds if the Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather matchup takes place. McGregor vs. Mayweather would not only be one of the most anticipated and most watched boxing events in the history of boxing it could be one of the most bet on as well.

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At Sports Interaction they are so excited about the possibility of this site that they have already posted the odds. Mayweather vs. McGregor odds opened with Mayweather set as a huge -10,000 favorite with McGregor a +1200 underdog. This is just one example of how a great MMA fighter like McGregor could be overmatched if he were ever to cross over sports and try to box an elite, albeit aging, talent like Mayweather.

These odds are nice to look at and they would be fun to bet on, but what happens if the fight never happens? The fight fan would surely be disappointed but the folks at Sports Interaction still want you to have a chance to bet on that as well.

At Sports Interaction you can bet on whether or not this fight will even happen. If you think it will happen you can get (+100) and if it does not happen you can get odds at (-141) which would make many people believe that this is just a rumor and nothing more.

However these two fighters do have some history as McGregor once said that he would knock out Floyd and of course the pay day would be incredible. Mayweather, who owns a perfect 49-0 professional record, would reportedly earn $100 million for the bout while McGregor stands to make $7 million. This would mean that Floyd could get his 50th win and make a huge amount of money all in one night and become the legend that he wants to become. This month he filed for 'TMT 50' and 'TBE 50' to be registered, leading to suggestions that Mayweather's organization, The Money Team, is looking to cash in on a return to the ring. This fight may not be certain but it is very exciting to think about.

The boxing odds makers at Sports Interaction have already posted odds on this fight and the betting props will only expand once it is announced that they will make fight history when these two combatants enter the ring for the fight of the century! Sign up now for an exclusive deposit bonus.