March Madness has been absolutely insane this year. Brackets have been busted and the Cinderella teams are making a charge to the Final Four. For the college basketball bettor it has been a very exciting time, but it is about to get better.

Many sportsbooks are pulling out all of the stops to make a great betting atmosphere for all of their basketball bettors. The goal is to give their bettors all of the things that they want to enjoy the NCAA Tournament which of course includes all of the great betting options for the big dance. However, the best sportsbooks go the extra mile and they make sure that their players have even more than that to enjoy the Big Dance and all of the March Madness that comes along with it.

One of the sportsbooks that is going the extra mile to make sure that their players get everything that they need is Sports Betting Online. They not only encourage their players to bet on games and win, but they encourage it with their motto that proclaims “Your winning streak starts here!” They are ready to give their players everything that they need for March Madness and that is why they are offering up the March Madness Black Jack tournament.

It is easy to play, filled with fun and with great payouts that combine college basketball and Black Jack. Get started by playing any blackjack game in the Casablanca Casino at Sports Betting Online from Monday March 14th at 12:00 am eastern until Sunday April 3rd at 11:59 pm eastern. The ace card for every Black Jack aka "natural 21" hand received during the 3-week period will have a picture of one of the teams participating in the 2016 March Madness National Championship. The more you play and hit Black Jack the more cards you will collect which will reflect on your personal leaderboard.

The team that wins the National Championship is the winner of the blackjack tournament. You will earn the equivalent of (your average bet * the total # of the winning National Championship Team cards you collected for the week) as a cash bonus with no rollover, which is what makes this one of a kind tournament fun, exciting and rewarding!

For example, if the University of Kansas wins the National Championship and you have their card it could pay off. During the three week period you collected a total of 12 Kansas cards during your time at the Blackjack tables. Your average bet at the blackjack tables was $37 per hand. You will receive a cash bonus with No rollover equal to 12 (Kansas cards) * $37 average bet = $444 Cash bonus! Teams that lose during the Tournament will be removed from the system until there are only two remaining.

This makes betting on college basketball at Sports Betting Online a unique experience that you will not find anywhere else! Get a great bonus, enjoy the March Madness and sign up at Sports Betting Online today!