There are a lot of different ways to bet on sports and a lot of different places to bet on sports. Determining which methods and which sportsbooks work for you is an important part of the process. We often hear about how history repeats itself, which is why some people really like to focus on betting trends. Whether you are betting MLB, NBA, NHL, college football, college basketball, or the NFL, you can find a lot of good information by simply looking back at the past. MLB betting trends are important because teams are sometimes better against left-handed pitchers or right-handed pitchers. Some teams are more resilient than others in that they play better after a loss than they do a win. Starting pitchers dictate a lot about the game and are often the deciding factor between a win and a loss. Baseball betting trends showcase how a team does with expectations as a favorite or how they do with no expectations as an underdog. If you like to have that information handy before you make a bet at a top online sportsbook, you can find it in our MLB betting trends section. NFL betting trends can be a critical factor in narrowing down the Sunday card or deciding to make a bet. Knowing how to bet on football and win takes years of practice and takes a lot of research. Fortunately, the NFL has been around for a long time and a lot of the key players around the league have had an impact on a lot of games. That’s why we can use football betting trends to find out how Andy Reid has done after a bye or how many covers the New England Patriots have after a loss. Those tidbits of information can be extremely helpful. Teams in the NBA are very streaky these days. So many NBA betting trends have to do with streaks, whether a team is covering against the spread or failing to do so. It is a superstar-driven league and sometimes those superstars just aren’t as engaged. Basketball betting trends allow us to see how a team is playing. The NBA really is a rhythmic sport nowadays, which is why we see teams rattle off 10 wins in a row or 10 losses in a row. A loss isn’t the same as an against the spread loss for those that like to bet on sports and ATS records are really the only ones that matter. Winning betting picks take a lot of different factors into account across all sports. Even hockey has some betting trends that we can use to our advantage. Like the NBA, NHL betting trends are valuable because the league is so streaky. Call it parity or whatever you want, but a lot of teams go through winning streaks and losing streaks over the span of 82 games. Betting trends should never be the only part of the equation, as you want to make it a point to look at the matchups and stats, but if you want to win at a place like DSI Sportsbook, set yourself up for success with one of our exclusive DSI promo codes and then use all sorts of information, including the betting trends, to start building up your bankroll by making smart sports bets today.