The sports betting world is very competitive and many of the best sportsbooks offer up unique ways to get new players to sign up. These unique ways are usually bonuses but the best sports betting sites also offer up one of a kind sport betting contests.

Many sportsbooks offer up seasonal contests and they have it for special events. That is why at nearly any sportsbook that has a good reputation you can find a Super Bowl contest or a March Madness bracket contest. While those contests are great, the best contests are the ones that are available for players all season long. Another sign of a great contest is one that is free and offers up some great prizes. That is exactly what is being offered at JustBet.

JustBet is known around the globe as a reputable sports betting outlet that is known for great perks for their players. They have great bonuses and they have a great rewards program but they also have a great contest. Their streak contest is not only fun to play, but it is free, offered all season long and comes with a huge cash prize!  

If you can build a winning streak in the free contest section at JustBet you can win big! Pick a daily winner and build your streak to an elite level and you can win $25,000. Prizes will be awarded for 5 games in a row, 9 games in a row, 13 games in a row, 17 games in a row, and 21 consecutive picks. They don’t stop there as JustBet also has a $1000 free play monthly prize to the contestant with the most wins. This contest is free to enter and you can join in on the fun, even if you don’t have money in your account at JustBet. Not many sports betting sites are willing to give their players a year round contest that has the opportunity to let one lucky player walk away with the great grand prize of $25,000. This is just one of the reasons that make JustBet an elite sports betting site that you should sign up with today!

This contest is great and it goes hand in hand with their rewards program. Bet Points is the new loyalty program that rewards JustBet members for playing with JustBet. No matter how much that you bet on an event, you'll earn valuable Bet Points every time you bet on sports or play in the casino. The more you play the more rewards you will earn and the more Bet Points that will accumulate in your JustBet account. Then when you decide to redeem them in exchange for great rewards such as cash back, gift cards, airline miles, JustBet merchandise, and more you will be ready to go!

Start getting treated like a VIP when you sign up and play at JustBet. Get free contests, great rewards programs and more when you sign up at JustBet today!