The Denver Broncos are the Super Bowl champions as they defeated the Carolina Panthers. NFL fans loved to watch and bet on the big game, but the day after only results in one thing; sadness. With the NFL over what is the sports bettor to do now?  

The NFL is one of the most popular sports to bet on and although it will be months before it resumes the football bettor could be saddened by the end of the season when they wake up this morning with no more football top bet on. The sports bettor now has a gap in what they normally do so how will they replace that hole? Simple, there are still plenty of things to do.

First this could be the time to look for a new sportsbook. Bet365 is one great sports betting site and if you are looking for a place to bet just to change it up why not check out this sports betting site?

They are one of the most respected bookmakers in the business today and are highly regarded by many of their players as well as other sports betting sites. They have very fast cash out processes that allows you to get paid quickly when you win. They also have several features that you must have when signing up at a sportsbook.

They have a 100 percent signup bonus so your bankroll gets an incredible boost the minute that you sign up. They also have ultra-fast payments, live streaming events, and a great live betting console.

They also offer up a huge betting menu to take advantage of. Sure the NFL is done, but when it starts up again they will be ready and raring to go at Bet365 and in the meantime they have plenty of other sports to choose from.

They have great sporting events that are covered globally like golf, tennis and soccer. They also cover the main sports that are still currently in season.

For example the NBA is in full swing and the Golden State Warriors are looking to make a push to repeat as champions. You can bet on the NBA at Bet365 and this includes the regular season, the playoffs and of course the NBA Finals.

If you are a college basketball fan then you realize that this is the time to start preparing for March Madness. At Bet365 they will have all of the college basketball action that you need. This of course will include the college basketball conference tournaments as well as the run to the championship as one team looks to finish the season with the championship!

Also the Major League Baseball season is right around the corner and that will provide plenty of betting options all summer long.

There is no doubt that although the NFL season is complete the sports bettor still has plenty of betting options and at Bet365 they have everything that you need to stay entertained and in action!