The financial markets around the world are nothing more than a playground for high rollers that are trying their best to win big by betting on the right commodity. Although this does not get treated as a form of gambling in reality it is.

The online sports betting world realizes that the financial markets have a lot in common with sports betting. That is why there is one sports betting site that is changing things up and merging both sports betting and the financial markets to let all of their players enjoy the best of both worlds.

BetOnline has a strong reputation in the sports betting business. They have been at the forefront of the business for decades and they always are introducing new ways for their players to bet on different events and make their experience at BetOnline one of the best. This is why they looked at a new way to get their players involved in the financial markets.

This unique feature is only available at BetOnline for their players. Financial betting allows you to bet on the movement of the financial market. You are not buying the commodity, or exchanging currencies, rather betting whether the product will go up or down. Get it right and you win, and the money goes straight into your wallet for easy withdrawal.

This is available for plenty of markets. You can bet on price movement in the following markets and the following ways to bet on the markets. For example you can wager on currency movements.  This includes the world's largest and most popularly traded currencies, including the USD, GBP and EUR. You can also bet on indices.

You can forecast the change in the major stock indices around the world, including the Dow Jones and Nasdaq 100 Future. This is why at BetOnline they allow wagering on stocks of all kinds. Some of the biggest companies of the world are included in their products, where you can forecast their movements throughout the day.

Commodity prices are also another way to bet on the financial markets when you sign up at BetOnline. Major commodity prices including gold and silver are included.

Betting works in an easy way at BetOnline. Digital options (also known as binary options) are the most popular type of options. You have to determine whether the price of an asset will move higher or lower than the current market price by the time of expiration. When you expect the selected asset price to go up, you buy a Call. When you expect the selected asset price to go down, you buy a Put.

In rare cases when upon option expiry the asset's market price is the same as the one of your investment, you are 'at-the-money' which means that you do not lose nor win anything. Your investment is returned to your balance. Even if you know nothing about the financial market you can seem like a high roller when you bet at BetOnline.