It's not hard to understand that the house has the edge over you. But that doesn't mean you are going to get beaten all the time, or that you are at a big disadvantage. In point of fact, the edge is usually small. But it works on the basis of volume. Casinos - just like the one at BetAnySports - have thousands and thousands of customers, so it is that which, in effect, creates the "long run" situation for them, in a way that goes far beyond what you would do as an individual. That's not to say you're going to get away with beating the game, though. Players are always operating on the basis of short runs - a series of them, in fact - and in any individual situation, you are working with a small sampling, which is enough to come out ahead if you play well, don't squander your funds, and are the beneficiary of a little luck. Of course, if you play enough of those short run sessions, you are eventually going to succumb to the house edge. And let's face it; because of the level of volume casinos are operating on, they don't really care if you win on any given day. So by all means, don't take it personally, one way or the other. Obviously your best shot is to try to get out ahead and then escape when you play, but (and we kind of chuckle when we say this), that is easier said than done. Naturally a casino has a lot of staying power, which proves something even the absolute novice will tell you - "the house always wins in the end." It might stand to reason that the longer you play a game that has a negative expectation, the more you will lose. The house is always going to exist, and is always there to take your bet. And there's nothing wrong with that; it is the rule of the road. And when we address you, it is with the understanding that YOU have an understanding of the likelihood that you are going to be in the red. But you aren't playing these games, for the most part, with the expectation of making a profit. If you are looking at the experience realistically, you are playing them for the entertainment value and for the pleasure you would get if you DO win. So let's come to another understanding - that if we give you advice about many of these casino games, it is not with the objective of achieving a long-term edge. Instead, it is with the intention of giving you the best chance of winning some of those short-term sessions. Needless to say, there are requirements. If it is a game where a strategy can be employed, you'll have to know the best one to put into play. And you should certainly be wagering in proportion to your bankroll. These are principles that demand a lot more attention, and you can count on them being dealt with. We'll enjoy detailing them to you, so keep an eye out for it. At BetAnySports, you've got a number of ways to go - namely, three different casinos you can play through your browser - the Grand, Jackpot and Bonus casinos, which all have different things to please you....Then you also have the Vegas Live Dealer and Lucky Live Dealer casinos, which is an amazing experience............And it's easy to get into the action; all you need is your debit/credit card, person-to-person transfer or the virtual currency of Bitcoin, which is fast and easy with their automated system, and NEVER incurs a transaction fee! Sign up for an account through BangTheBook and use the bonus code of BTB50 and it will be good for a 50% Welcome Bonus up to a $1,000 Deposit!