The super fight of the year in boxing is happening this weekend in Saudi Arabia as the lineal heavyweight boxing champion of the world, Tyson Fury, takes on former MMA heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou in a boxing match.

Even though this is a one-sided affair with almost a non-existent puncher’s chance for Ngannou to get his hand raised on Saturday, there are ways to win bets and bang the book this weekend. Oddsmakers are smart enough to make the moneyline untouchable, but are they forgetting other bets?

Let’s take a closer look at this matchup and briefly break down the skill sets of each man and how this fight might play out on Saturday.

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Main Event - Fury vs. Ngannou

This will be a spectacle for fight fans around the world this weekend. These two giants standing toe-to-toe in the ring with the prospect of a KO having everyone on the edge of their seats. Fury is a world-class entertainer, but he is also arguably the most skilled heavyweight boxer in the modern era.

Ngannou is a massive man with so much strength and world-record punching power, but he is a novice inside the boxing ring going up against one of the best to ever lace up the gloves. Don’t get tricked by the “what-ifs” and whoever is promoting this fight–if Ngannou gets past the first handful of rounds and has any sort of success while in the ring, it’s a big moral victory over the man.

Coming from where Ngannou came from, it should be celebrated that he is able to be a part of such a massive event against the most sought-after opponent in prizefighting. But Fury is fighting for an undefeated legacy and the title of “baddest man on the planet.” Fury has taken this training camp seriously and wouldn’t risk a loss for all the money in the world.

The pick to make this weekend is taking the over 4.5 round total for this bout. Fury will be hunting a KO, but he is smart and wants to put on a show for the fans. I think he will prove the levels he is above Ngannou with his movement and quick hands early on, and then start putting it on Ngannou as the rounds come and go.

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Ngannou’s game plan needs to be to make this fight ugly. He needs to throw heavy shots at the arms of Fury to get them slow and full of blood, and then clinch while using his grappling skillset as well to make Fury as uncomfortable as possible.

But even if Ngannou has success with these tactics early, Fury is just fine in the clinch and will show his slick maneuvers to get space to land cleanly on Ngannou as the fight goes on.

To be honest, the big longshot prop bet to make is Fury winning in rounds 7-8. That’s when he will get the advice from his corner to stop messing around and go hunt Ngannou down–if he hasn’t already done so by then. That is a big payout and worth your money more than any other bet outside of the over 4.5 rounds total.

No disrespect should be given to Ngannou for taking this fight. He is stepping into a ring with the most dangerous boxer on the planet in front of the world and daring to be great while providing for his family.

If this was an MMA fight, it wouldn’t even be close either, and Ngannou would win inside of a few minutes if he wanted to. But this is a boxing match under boxing rules–Fury hasn’t lost to anyone at the professional level, and those guys have been boxing their whole life.