Live Dealer action has come to BookMaker Casino and not a moment too soon. All of the fun of a Las Vegas casino can now be had at home or on your smartphone at the blackjack, roulette, baccarat and Super 6 tables from BookMaker. Instead of the high table mimimums or the capped table maximums, BookMaker is offering bet sizes for each and every type of gambler. At the blackjack and roulette tables, all it takes is $1 to play and bets can be as big as $2,500. At the baccarat and Super 6 tables, the minimum bet is $5 with a maximum of $2,500. When’s the last time you saw a $5 baccarat table out in the wild? You’d have to go back to the ‘90s at Binion’s to find $1 blackjack in Vegas, unless you wanted to play at some super seedy establishment. Now, you can just do it from home. The Live Dealer interface from BookMaker not only brings you the real feel of a dealer, but you can even talk to the other players at the table as well. We’re all there in hopes of winning money, but having a good time is an integral part of the gambling experience and the small talk and the chit-chat with the other players at the table is a time-honored tradition. See some hands and watch the ball spin with all the adrenaline and excitement of being right on top of the action! Finding the Live Dealer at BookMaker is remarkably simple. Sign into your account and click Live Dealer. If you don’t have an account at BookMaker, what are you waiting for? There are some excellent bonus offers right now, including our BTB100 bonus offer at You’ll get a cash bonus for the sportsbook up to $1,000, but also get to take advantage of a 50% bonus up to $1,000 for the casino, which includes the Live Dealer option. You’ll also get 8% cash back on tickets in the Racebook. Live Dealer games are always running and there are always different limits available. You could be betting your $10 a hand with Chuck from London playing $3 a hand, Rachel from Los Angeles playing $25 a hand, and Masahiro from Tokyo playing $200 a hand depending on the table limits that you choose. Sign up today and utilize that BTB100 promo code to get a great head start on your bankroll or check out some of the reload bonus offers, including a cash bonus for a Bitcoin reload of up to 25% or a credit card reload cash offer of up to 20% based on your loyalty status with BookMaker. No reload bonus is less than 10%. Free money! How can you beat that? One thing is for certain – you are sure to have a great time betting with the Live Dealer casino games at BookMaker!