Best NASCAR Betting Sites & Sportsbooks

NASCAR is a sport that is extremely popular in the United States, and it’s also one that comes with some great betting opportunities. Knowing how to bet NASCAR is a bit different than wagering on other sports as there are some different betting options out there. NASCAR was founded all the way back in 1948, and the sport is celebrating 75 years of existence in 2023. The actual sport hasn’t really changed much since it was founded, but this is an organization that has seen plenty of growth. There are auto racing events taking place throughout the year, and the NASCAR races are typically held every Sunday. NASCAR has introduced a points system, and that creates more drama and excitement for fans and sports bettors. NASCAR betting can be a great option to explore, but only when things are done correctly.


If you are going to do some NASCAR betting, then finding the best place to get that done is important. There are plenty of places to bet on NASCAR, but not all of them are going to be great options. Here are some of the best NASCAR betting sites & sportsbooks that are out there in the sports betting industry.

BetDSI Sportsbook was founded all the way back in 1996, and it has become a leader in this industry. When it comes to NASCAR betting, BetDSI is going to offer some terrific betting options with competitive betting odds and lines.


Bookmaker is another online sportsbook that first joined the scene back in 1996, and it’s seen plenty of growth and improvement since that time. There are some interesting bonuses and promotions offered from Bookmaker and that keeps things exciting for NASCAR bettors.


BetUS Sportsbook is a massive name in the sports betting industry, and it will have some intriguing and unique NASCAR betting options. BetUS also has a massive welcome bonus available to new customers, and that’s a great offer to take advantage of.


Bovada Sportsbook is a huge name in the online sports betting industry, and it places a big emphasis on NASCAR betting. Bovada Sportsbook is a great option for any sport, but especially for a sport such as NASCAR.

5BetOnline Bonus Featured

BetOnline is getting ready to celebrate its 20th year of existence as this online sportsbook was founded back in 2004. When it comes to NASCAR betting, BetOnline is going to have some great bets for every race, and also some exciting season-long bets.

6Featured MyBookie

MyBookie Sportsbook has some excellent betting options, especially when it comes to betting on NASCAR. MyBookie has been around for years, and it is a proven and trusted brand in this industry.


When it comes to NASCAR, there are some key terms that make this sport a bit different from all the rest. Usually the same betting terms are going to apply to basic betting, but knowing some of the rules of the sport is going to be important as well. 

The checkered flag is used after the winning driver crosses the finish line first, and that is something that you will need to know. You also need to know what it means when a yellow or red flag is out, especially if you are going to be betting on a NASCAR race live. 

There won’t really be any betting favorites or underdogs when it comes to betting on a NASCAR race, but most of the odds are going to look like moneyline odds. If you are trying to pick the winner of a NASCAR event then you have to know what +300 means, as that is how much money can be won with a $100 wager. 

The die-hard NASCAR fans will be able to tell you more betting terms to know, but that’s not necessarily going to be important when just getting started. 


If you want to know how to bet NASCAR then you have to know the betting options that are available to you. This sport is going to come with different options than some of the other top sports, but you will still find some great ways to win some money. 

Outright Winner Bets

Making an outright winner bet is one of the most common NASCAR bets to make, and it’s one that is available for every single race. All you have to do with this wager is predict the driver that will take the checkered flag, and it can come with a big payout if you bet on the right underdog. 

Podium Finish Bets

Instead of trying to bet the winner, you might find it easier to simply pick drivers that will finish in third place at least. This bet is going to come with a smaller payout than picking the winner, but it’s also going to provide a little bit of protection. 


If you are looking to bet on NASCAR in a way that is similar to other sports then you will likely be looking to make a head-to-head wager. This type of bet will feature a pair of drivers, and you can bet on which driver will finish ahead of the other. 

Fastest Lap

NASCAR is all about speed, and there is a way to bet on which driver will have the fastest lap during a race. This is a good bet to parlay with other wagers, and it could end up leading to a nice little payout at the end of the race. 

Prop Betting

Betting on the fastest lap is a form of prop betting, but there are going to be other options to explore as well. Just like with betting on any sport, prop betting is going to keep things fun and exciting, and these bets also tend to come with some great odds. 

Futures Betting

Betting the eventual winner of each NASCAR race is a form of futures betting, but there will be other options as well. You can make futures bet on which driver will lead in the points race at the end of the season, or you can bet on the drivers that will win certain awards. 

Live Betting

Live betting is going to be available for NASCAR events as well, and this is something that you should definitely pay attention to. With live betting, the odds are going to be posted and removed in a hurry, and you are going to have to be ready to react in a moment’s notice. 


It can be difficult to start betting on NASCAR for the first time, especially if you aren’t a big racing fan. You don’t have to be a big fan of NASCAR if you are going to bet on the sport, but it would be smart to follow some of the tips that are found below. 

Wait For Qualifying

Some might argue that qualifying for the big races doesn’t really impact the end result of a race, but it’s still a big part of the sport. You should wait and see how the drivers are scheduled to line up before making a bet on the event as it might cause you to go a different direction than what you originally planned. 

Betting trends are extremely important with a sport like NASCAR because things tend to change up pretty often. Some drivers go through hot streaks with a car that is running well, while others are clearly in a car that isn’t performing at it’s peak. 

You should also look and see how each driver has done previously at that race track as familiarity with the course can allow some drivers to be more successful. 

Change Betting Types

With so many different betting options available, it’s wise to use all of them at some point. Each betting type is going to come with very different odds, and you always want to take advantage of the best odds as opposed to being stuck making the same wager each time. 

Take Races Off

There is real temptation to bet on every single NASCAR race that is taking place, but that’s not the strategy to use at all. You are going to struggle to get a feel on every race, and you have to be willing to sit it out if you don’t think that there are any valuable odds. 


For some reason, NASCAR is a sport that tends to be overlooked by some sports bettors, but that shouldn’t be the case at all. NASCAR betting offers up some great opportunities, and there is a real chance to win some money each weekend. 

Knowing the best NASCAR sportsbooks is the first step to being successful, and you can find a list of those in this article. After finding the best NASCAR sportsbooks, it’s important to choose the right betting types depending on the odds. 

Since NASCAR is a sport that takes place most of the year, this should always be a sport that you look at when coming up with the best betting options. There are some great betting types to look at, and it’s a good idea to change those up often. 

Even for those that have never bet on NASCAR before, it’s not easy to get involved with this sport and start to win money with the next big race.