Best MLB Betting Sites & Sportsbooks

Major League Baseball (MLB) might not be the most popular sport in the world to wager on, but it still presents a really good betting option. MLB betting comes in many different forms, and this is a season that presents plenty of betting opportunities as well. Major League Baseball was founded all the way back in 1876, but the league has obviously gone through some major changes since that time. Most of the major rules are still in place, but the way that the game is played is now much different. There are currently 30 teams in MLB, and every team plays 162 games during the regular season. MLB games typically start at the end of March, or early April, and the World Series wraps up during the first week of November. MLB teams are split up into leagues and divisions, but there is now more crossover games than ever before. The American League and National League now operate under the same basic rules, and that keeps things similar regardless of what league you are looking at. Knowing the best MLB betting sites & sportsbooks is also important if you plan to bet on MLB, and this article will explore that as well. By the time you are done reading this article, you should be ready to bet on baseball.


Here is a look at some of the best MLB sportsbooks that are out there in the industry:

BetSDI Sportsbook is a great MLB betting option as it offers a ton of promotions and bonuses as well as a high betting limit. If you are looking to bet on baseball, then BetDSI is going to be a great option to explore.


Bookmaker Sportsbook offers a much simpler betting experience than some other options and that is preferred with sports bettors. Bookmaker Sportsbook is going to focus on the traditional pre-game traditional wagers and have some great betting odds and lines for those wagers.


BetUS Sportsbook is one of the biggest names in the online sports betting industry, and it offers great betting options on a wide range of sports. If you are betting on MLB baseball then you will find great betting lines and great betting options at BetUS Sportsbook.


Bovada Sportsbook is going to have a wide range of MLB betting options as it tends to focus on the biggest sports in the US. Not only will you find some great MLB bets to make, but those bets will also come with competitive betting odds and lines.

5BetOnline Bonus Featured

BetOnline Sportsbook has been online since 2001, and it has been a leader in online sports betting since that time. When it comes to offering some great betting options, BetOnline just continues to be better than most others in the industry.

6Featured MyBookie

MyBookie Sportsbook is going to come with a wide range of betting options, especially when it comes to a sport as big as MLB. When it comes to online sports betting, MyBookie continues to be a big name in this industry.


When it comes to betting on baseball, there are some MLB betting terms that you need to know. The next section is going to expand on these terms, but if you don’t know the basics then you will struggle to make good bets on the league. 

Moneyline is a term that you are going to need to know, as that is one of the most popular betting types with this sport. The same can be said for over/under as you will find a ton of bettors that are making that type of wagers when it comes to MLB betting. 

Baseball is a pretty simple game to understand, and you aren’t going to find that there are a ton of terms that don’t make much sense. As long as you have some basic knowledge of baseball then you should be giving yourself a good chance of winning some money when betting on the sport. 


If you want to know how to bet MLB baseball then you are going to need to know what betting options are available. Betting on baseball is a bit different than wagering on other sports as you will see that the bets mean something different. 

Here is a look at six of the most popular MLB bets to make:


Moneyline betting is the simplest form of wagering on any sport, and it’s typically the best option when it comes to MLB betting. A moneyline bet is simply picking the winner of a baseball game, and that’s a great option since baseball tends to be more unpredictable than other sports. 

Run Line

If you want a higher degree of difficulty when it comes to MLB betting then you will want to look at run line betting. The run line is typically set at 1.5 runs for both teams, and betting the run line means that the final score will be at least two runs apart. 


Betting the over/under is always a good baseball betting option, just as it is with some other sports. If you are going to bet the over/under then you will be making a wager on the total number of runs that are scored in an MLB game. 


Since there are so many different MLB games taking place every single day around MLB, creating a parlay is always going to be a good option. When it comes to making a parlay, you can simply use many different betting options and make picks on different games. 

Another recent option has changed the way some people view parlays as the best MLB sportsbooks are going to offer a chance to create a same game parlay. With this option, you can look at different parts of one game and try to create a huge combination wager. 

Player Props

Prop betting is another option that just continues to get more popular, and player prop betting is extremely popular when it comes to MLB. If you are someone that is great at looking at stats then it will be worth your time to try and bet on player props and cash in with a big win. 

Live Betting

Another great option when it comes to betting on baseball is to look at all of the live betting options that are available. Live betting has become extremely popular, and it tends to be an even better option with baseball as this game moves much slower than it does with some other sports. 


Knowing how to bet on MLB is half of the battle, and there are plenty of tips that can help you be successful. It’s always a good idea to come up with a plan when betting on MLB, and you should incorporate some of these tips into the plan that you come up with. 

One of the most important betting tips when it comes to baseball is that you will want to wait until the lineups are announced each day before making wagers. MLB managers tend to mess with the lineups each day, and it’s important to wait until they are announced to bet on the action. 

You will also want to change up the type of bets that you use each day, as that is going to give yourself the best chance to win. If you box yourself in to just one betting option then you are going to limit your opportunities throughout the baseball season. 

It’s also important to look at the weather before you make a baseball bet, because the weather can have a huge impact on what takes place on the field. Don’t focus on the weather too much, but you do want to check out what is going on before you decide to bet on a team, or the over/under. 


Now that you have a better idea of how to bet MLB baseball action, there really is no excuse not to get into the action next season. Since there are so many games that take place throughout an MLB season, it’s hard to go a day without finding some great betting options. 

There are some great MLB bets to make, and every bet comes with a new way to win some money. We’ve also pointed out some of the best MLB sportsbooks to use, and you can also get some great bonuses there as well. 

Baseball betting is always a good idea, especially if you follow the tips that were outlined above as well. Even though betting on MLB baseball isn’t as popular as it should be, you will be able to cash in during the next baseball season.