Best LIV Betting Sites & Sportsbooks

LIV betting is a relatively new option in the sports betting industry as this league was just founded back in 2021. LIV Golf is a league that is now a bit of a rival to the PGA Tour, and it actually stole some of the golfers from the main golf league. LIV Golf is a bit different from the PGA Tour in some ways, as this league is made up of teams that compete together. Tournaments are only three rounds instead of four, and there are more international events than what you see on the PGA Tour. There are just 14 events that take place through the year, and the goal is to give players a chance to enjoy some time away from the sport. That does mean that there are more limited LIV betting opportunities than what’s on the PGA Tour, but still a chance to win some big money. This article will take a look at the best LIV golf betting sites & sportsbooks that are out there, and will also explain how to bet LIV.


Knowing where to bet on the LIV Tour is going to be just as important as knowing how to bet LIV. You want to find sportsbooks that will have some great options as well as competitive betting odds and lines. Here is a look at six of the best LIV sportsbooks that are out there in the industry.

BetDSI is getting close to celebrating it’s 30th year anniversary as the sportsbook was founded all the way back in 1996. This sportsbook focuses on some of the top international sports, and the LIV Golf Tour qualifies as that.


If you are looking to bet on the LIV Golf Tour then Bookmaker Sportsbook is going to provide a terrific option. Bookmaker Sportsbook is a proven and trusted name in this industry, and there will be no shortage of bets to make.


BetUS Sportsbook was founded all the way back in 1994, and it has been a terrific sports betting operator since that time. When it comes to LIV Golf Tournaments, BetUS Sportsbook will have the best lines and the most betting options.


Bovada Sportsbook is a worldwide leader in sports betting, and it has started to add some great LIV Golf options. The customer support team at Bovada Sportsbook is terrific, and the overall experience is tough to match.

5BetOnline Bonus Featured

BetOnline stands out for a number of different reasons, and the live betting options are going to be tremendous. If you are looking to get into the action after a tournament has started, then you will want to check out BetOnline.

6Featured MyBookie

MyBookie is known for having some great bonuses and promotions, and that will apply to LIV Golf events. This is another of the best sportsbooks and it’s known for taking care of it’s customers.


Even though the LIV Tour wanted to break off from the PGA Tour and create a new golf experience, the actual play is very similar. If you know the most common terms used in golf then you will understand how LIV Golf works. 

Par is still considered the standard score used on the LIV Tour, and players are trying to have a score under par. A birdie is one-under par, and an eagle is a score that is two-under par. 

For players that are not able to finish the hole under par, a bogey is used to describe that score. Players can also have a double-bogey or higher if they continue to hit shots past what the par is set at. 

There is no “cut” when it comes to LIV Golf and that means that all of the players are going to finish every single round. Betting terms to know are similar to other golf leagues, and it’s more important to know the betting types that are available. 


If you really want to know how to bet LIV then you need to know the betting options that are going to be available to you. Here are six of the best betting options to look at when it comes to the LIV Golf Tour. 

Individual Winner

Picking the individual winner of a LIV Golf tournament is going to come with a massive payout, but it’s not easy to predict. This is going to be one of the best golf bets to make though, and it’s an option that will always be available from the best LIV sportsbooks. 

Team Winner

Not only can you bet on the individual winner of an LIV event, but you can also bet on the team winner. This is going to be an option that you won’t find on the PGA Tour, and that helps to make it unique when it comes to LIV. This is also a bet that can come with some great win potential. 

Head to Head Matchups

The best LIV sportsbooks are going to pick specific head-to-head matchups to feature, and that’s a great bet to make. You can bet on these matchups for each round, or look at the entire tournament as a whole. 


Betting the over/under is a popular wager for any sport, and that will be available when it comes to LIV Golf as well. There are going to be a couple of different types of over/under bets you can make on the LIV Tour.

You can bet on the specific number of strokes for an individual player, or bet on the over/under for the winning score for the tournament. 

Prop Betting

There are going to be some great prop betting options available, but it’s hard to predict what those props are going to look like. Be sure to check out the entire list of prop bets before submitting a wager, and always look for the value in those odds. 

Live Betting 

Live betting has really started to become popular over the last few years, and that will be a good bet to explore when betting on LIV events. Golf tends to be played at a much slower pace than other sports, and there will be some good live bets to make. 


Knowing how to bet LIV can be a bit tricky still as this is a league that is really just getting going. Some of the top LIV Golf betting tips are going to be similar to the PGA Tour, even though there are some differences. 

If you want to give yourself the best chance to win some money then you should be following these LIV Golf betting tips. 

Each Tournament is Different

Every tournament on the LIV Tour is going to be different, and the golf courses are different as well. You have to look at each tournament as an individual competition rather than trying to keep track of the entire year. 

Be sure to do your research for each event as you might find new or different information than what you saw for the previous tournament. 

Bet on Teams and Players

The fact that LIV has both team and player competitions helps it to stand out from the PGA Tour in terms of the event. Since both options are available then it’s a good decision to bet on both players and teams, and explore all of the betting odds that are out there. 

Change Betting Options

There are so many great LIV betting options out there, and it’s important to change up your betting options often. Each type is going to come with very different odds, and you want to give yourself the best chance to cash in. 

We already discussed that every tournament is different, but that doesn’t mean that players are all of a sudden going to start playing differently. If you are going to bet on a specific golfer then you need to look and see how that player has been playing of late. 

Golfers tend to go on streaks, and you want to make sure that you are betting on the golfer at the right time. 


Now that the LIV Tour has become a rival to the PGA Tour, there are more golf betting options available throughout the year. More opportunities is always a good thing as that means that you will have a better chance at winning some money. 

Finding the best LIV sportsbooks is going to be a big step in giving yourself a chance to win some money, and you should also follow the betting tips provided. Even though there is money available to win when betting on golf, that doesn’t mean that this will come easy. 

The PGA Tour is always going to be the most popular golf league that there is, but the LIV Golf Tour is starting to really gain some momentum. If you can’t find any PGA Tour betting options for a weekend, then looking around at the LIV matchup is going to provide a terrific option.