Best Horse Racing Betting Sites & Sportsbooks

Horse race betting can be traced all the way back to the 1600s in Great Britain, and the actual sport of horse racing goes back even further. With the growth and popularity of legal sports betting, some people have forgotten about betting on horse races. That is a pretty big mistake, as this is always going to be a sport that comes with some great betting opportunities. The Triple Crown races in the United States are the biggest draw, but there are horse races that take place throughout the year in all parts of the world. Horse race betting is a bit different than betting on other sports, especially when it comes to the betting options that are available. This article will help you understand how to bet horse racing, and also the best horse racing betting sites & sportsbooks that are out there. If you have never given horse race betting a try in the past, it’s never a bad time to really start to get things going.


Choosing the right sportsbook to use when betting on sports betting is going to be as important as knowing how to bet on the sport. Even though some sportsbooks are going to focus on traditional sports betting more, the best sportsbooks are going to have some great online horse race betting options as well. Here is a look at six of the best horse racing sportsbooks that you are going to find in the industry.

BetDSI is a part of a massive online gambling company, and it takes pride in having a terrific overall sports betting experience. There will be some great horse race betting options for races that take place throughout the world.


Bookmaker Sportsbook has a terrific customer service team, and they help to answer questions and provide assistance at every turn. When it comes to horse race betting, Bookmaker will have some great prop betting options to explore.


BetUS Sportsbook is known to be a great option for betting on horse races, and it always seems to have the betting odds and lines out before some others. This is a proven and trusted brand throughout the sports betting industry, and it has tremendous lines as well.


If you ask around for the best online sports betting company, Bovada Sportsbook is going to be a name that you hear often. That doesn’t just go for traditional sports betting either, as Bovada Sportsbook loves to feature horse racing.

5BetOnline Bonus Featured

BetOnline has continued to make improvements to its online horse race betting catalog, and that’s never going to end. This operator is going to have bets for every single race that is taking place from all parts of the country.

6Featured MyBookie

MyBookie gives new customers a massive welcome bonus when signing up, and there are other bonuses and promotions as well. This sportsbook is also known for having a great mobile app that has new and exciting features.


Since horse race betting is going to be a bit different than betting on other sports, there are some terms that you are going to want to know. There is still going to be a favorite in every horse race, and there will also be some horses that are considered underdogs. 

Exacta is going to be a betting term to know when it comes to horse racing, as this is the act of picking the top two horses in a race, and getting those horses in order. A trifecta is another big term to know, and that is picking the top three horses in order. 

Length is another term that you will hear used quite a bit in horse racing, and that is simply the length of a horse in a race. If a horse wins by a length, then they were ahead of the field by a pretty wide margin. 

Furlong is another term that is used quite a bit in the horse racing industry, and this is used to determine the length of a race. It’s very important to know how long a race is if you are planning on betting on it. 


If you want to know how to bet horse racing then you have to know the different betting options that are going to be available to you. There will be a couple of betting options that are familiar to traditional sports bettors, but there will also be others that are very different. 

If you are planning on betting on horse betting then here are some of the best bets to explore. 

Pick the Winner

When it comes to horse race betting, picking the winner of a horse race is always going to be the most popular wager to make. This isn’t an easy bet to make, but it’s typically going to be the one that comes with a very large payout. 


If picking the winner of a specific race seems easy enough, then there is also another bet that is a bit of a step up. An exacta bet is picking the top two horses in a race, and getting those horses in the correct oder. 


Those horse racing bettors that have had a ton of experience in the industry are often looking to make a trifecta bet. This type of wager is picking the top three horses in a race, and also getting those horses in the correct order. 


While picking the overall winner of the horse racing field is going to be a top bet to make, there are other times when it’s a good idea to bet on head-to-head matchups. The best horse racing sportsbooks will pre-determine some head to head matchups and then odds will be set for you to wager on. 


There will be some over/under betting options for horse racing as well, but it’s hard to know what those bets are going to look like. One specific type of over/under that is always going to be offered is predicting the amount of lengths that the winner wins by. 

Prop Betting

The best horse racing sportsbooks are also going to have some interesting prop betting options, and those are going to be worth exploring. Prop betting options are going to vary from sportsbook to sportsbook, and they will also be different for each race. 


It doesn’t take a ton of time to really know how to bet horse racing, but it can be a bit challenging at first. Since people have been betting on horse races for centuries, the top bettors have been able to come up with some tips to help other bettors win money. 

If you are going to start betting on horse races then it would be a good idea to follow some of the horse race betting tips provided below. 

Always Look For Value

One of the most important tips when it comes to betting on horse races is that you should always be looking for the most value in the odds. There are going to be betting favorites in every race, but identifying the horses with the most value is going to be more important than identifying the horses with the best overall records. 

Pick Multiple Winners

If you are going to be on the winner of an individual horse race then you might want to bet on multiple horses to win each race. That is going to give you a few different chances to win, and there should still be a nice payout as long as you are smart about how you wager. 

Wait for Post Positions

Odds for individual horse races are going to be out extremely early, and there is always going to be a temptation to get those bets in early. Instead of making an early bet, you should actually wait for the post positions to be released as those could end up having an impact on the outcome of a race. 

Keep Track of Injuries 

Injuries tend to impact horse racing in a very big way, and you want to keep track of those injuries as best that you can. Before you make any bets on a horse race, you need to see if there are any injury updates to horses in the field. 

Bet Small

Since horse racing does tend to be a bit unpredictable, then it’s a good idea to bet small with whatever betting option you choose. Not only will betting small guard against any big losses, but it will also allow you to place multiple wagers on a single race. 

Betting small is the perfect way to build up your bankroll when it comes to horse race betting. 


There is a reason that traditional sports betting has become so popular over the last few years, but that doesn’t mean it’s always the best option. Horse race betting was around well before the launch of sports betting, and it is still a great bet to make.

One of the reasons that horse race betting is always a good idea is that there are races taking place year-round throughout the world. That gives you plenty of chances to make bets, and there are always some good betting options to explore. 

This article helped point you in the direction of the best horse racing sportsbooks, and also provided some tips for betting on this sport. There really is never a bad time to get involved with horse race betting, but the Triple Crown events are always going to be among the most popular.