Best FORMULA 1 Betting Sites & Sportsbooks

Formula One, more commonly known as F1, is a racing sport that was first founded back in 1950. NASCAR tends to get more of a following in the United States, but F1 has a pretty big following throughout the world as well. There are currently 20 drivers and 10 different F1 teams, and they all compete each week for a chance to win races. The F1 season begins in March each year, and the championships are held in November. During that time, there are 22 different races that are held. Knowing how to bet F1 can be a bit tricky at first, but this is a sport that presents some great betting options. This article will cover some of the best F1 bets to make, and also tell you where you should be wagering. Max Verstappen is the current defending champion of F1, but there is a loaded group of solid contenders in this sport. F1 betting is similar to wagering on other motorsports, but there are some differences as well.


You obviously have to know how to bet on Formula One, but it’s also important to know where to place those wagers. Since this is such a popular sport in many countries, it’s going to be offered by all of the biggest names. Here are the six best F1 betting sites & sportsbooks to use if you are going to wager on this wildly popular and exciting sport.

BetDSI is a massive company that has focused on sports betting for decades, and it always tends to be ahead of the game. If you are looking to wager on F1 then you should be looking into BetDSI Sportsbook.


Bookmaker Sportsbook dates all the way back to 1985, making it one of the oldest operators in this industry. Bookmaker does many things well when it comes to sports betting, and it also has a great customer service department.


BetUS Sportsbook has more than 25 years in the sports betting industry, and it’s been providing an excellent option since it first launched. One thing that BetUS Sportsbook is known for is coming up with the betting odds and lines before any other option.


Bovada Sportsbook has a massive following, and that’s because it provides a great overall sports betting experience. Bovada has some great live betting options, but the pre-race wagers are also going to stand out as well.

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BetOnline Sportsbook has been around for nearly 20 years, and it’s continued to improve since it launched. This is the perfect sportsbook to bet on F1 if you are looking for great betting options and competitive lines.

6Featured MyBookie

MyBookie Sportsbook tends to have more exciting betting options than other sportsbooks and that includes Formula One. This is a proven and trusted brand in the industry, and it’s one that will have competitive betting odds and lines.


Many of the most common betting terms are going to apply when betting on F1, even if this sport is a bit different than some of the other most popular options. There are still going to be betting odds and favorites in an F1 race, and the payouts are going to be different for each driver. 

The checkered flag is a term that is commonly used in F1, and that refers to the winner of each specific race. It’s also a good idea to know how points are awarded in this sport, especially if you are going to be betting on the entire season. 

The pole position is given to the driver that has the fastest time in qualifying, and that driver will be the first to take off. A lap is one time around the course, and each race is going to have a different number of laps that are required to complete the race. 

There aren’t a ton of rules when it comes to F1, and that makes things a bit easier to understand as well. After you have spent some time betting on F1 then it won’t take you a long time to figure some things out. 


Knowing the different F1 betting options that are out there is important if you want to win some money on this sport. You are going to find some similar bets to wagering on other sports, but there are also some interesting and intriguing bets to look at as well. 

Race Winner

The most common bet to make is to bet on the winner of each F1 race, and there are some good odds available. There is going to be a betting favorite for every single F1 race, but you might find more value if you look a bit further down the list. 

Pole Winner

While the actual F1 race is going to be the big event each weekend, you can also bet on the qualifying winner. There will be odds set for which driver will be sitting on the pole, and that’s a nice way to win before the race even begins. 

Podium Finish

If picking the winner of a F1 race is jd for you, you might want to make a wager on the drivers that will end up on the podium. This still gives you a chance to get a nice payout, and it also provides a bit of insurance. 

Head-to-Head Bets

Most F1 bets are very different from sports such as football or basketball, but there is a way to make them the same. All of the best F1 sportsbooks are going to offer head-to-head bets with different driver matchups, and you can bet on which driver will finish ahead. 

Fastest Lap

Betting on which driver will have the fastest lap is another great option to explore as it’s always available for each race. This is a bet that can really be won by any driver in the field, and that will give you even more options to explore. 

Prop Bets

Beyond betting on the driver that has the fastest lap, there will also be more prop bets available to explore. Prop betting helps to keep things fun and exciting, and these bets typically come with some very valuable odds. 

Live Betting

While most of your bets are going to be made prior to the start of an F1 race, that’s not the only time that you can place a wager. You will also be able to make bets while the race is taking place, and this is an example of live betting. 


It’s not easy to know how to bet F1 races when just getting into it, but this is a sport that has been generating bets for decades. Since that is the case, some of the top sports bettors have come up with some F1 betting tips that can help you win some money. 

You don’t have to follow all of these tips that you will find below, but you should at least take a look at them and keep them in mind. 

Look at Each Individual Race

The F1 season is a year-long competition, and betting on the eventual season winner is a bet that is possible, but that’s not all you can do. If you are going to have success when betting F1, then you will want to look at each race as it’s own individual event. 

Every F1 race is going to be different, and there will be different drivers that should be at the top of your betting list. 

Wait For Qualifying

The betting odds for each F1 race are going to come out days before the event starts, but you don’t want to get your bets in right away. It’s best to wait until after qualifying has taken place, and after you have seen where the drivers are lined up. 

The pole winner doesn’t always come through and win the race, but you need to at least see which driver is running fast in qualifying. 

Make Different Bets

Another great strategy to use is to change up the betting options that you use as you don’t want to get stuck with just one specific bet. The odds and your chances to win are going to be different for each betting type, and you have to at least give those a look. 

Take Some Weeks Off

There are going to be some F1 races that just don’t present good betting opportunities, and you have to know when those weeks are. If you can’t find any good bets to make when looking at the odds and the matchup then it’s a smart play to take that race off. 

Have some patience when betting F1 as there will be another opportunity to wager the following week. 


You should now have a better idea of how to bet F1, and it’s time to start your F1 betting journey. There are so many great betting options to explore with F1, and there is a chance to win big every single weekend that a race is taking place. 

Picking the winner of a F1 race is going to come with a terrific payout, but there are some other bets that you should take a look at as well. Qualifying is such a big part of the F1 experience, and that is really where your betting should start. 

F1 is a massive sport worldwide, and that is why the best F1 sportsbooks are going to offer so many great betting options. Follow some of the F1 tips listed above and you are going to give yourself the best chance to win some money.