The NFL playoffs are fun to bet on and with some great games over the weekend and in the future, they will only get better. But if you bet at an elite sportsbook you can have some other NFL betting options to bet on that is off the field.

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As far as the NFL playoffs are concerned they have a long list of great betting options which includes betting on the games and props, but they also have a very unique wagering opportunity when it comes to betting on the NFL off the field.

At Bovada you bet on what coaches will be hired for what teams. They have a list of betting odds and options when it comes to betting on coaches between now and the start of the next season. If you are in tune to the latest rumors and rumblings from around the league you can turn that into big money at the betting window.

For example at one point Bovada had the odds for Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Adam Gase to become the next head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles at 8 to 1. When it was reported that the meeting with the Eagles went well, those odds dropped down to 4 to 1 and eventually went to (-200) as many expected that Gase would soon be the new coach in Philadelphia. Then something interesting happened.

Gase met with the Miami Dolphins. Not only were the Dolphins impressed but they wanted to make sure that they did not lose Gase to another team, most notably the Eagles. So the deal was done and Gase signed on to be the next head coach of the Dolphins. This left people who bet that he would be with the Eagles holding a losing ticket, while Miami Dolphin fans were happy and so were the sports bettors that thought he would sign there. If you had bet that Adam Gase would be the next head coach of the Miami Dolphins you would have cashed in as high as 12 to 1. This shows where it pays to pay attention to the NFL news off the field and bet on where the coaches may go at top rated online sportsbook Bovada.

There are still other coaches trying to land jobs to include the Giants Tom Coughlin and offensive coordinator Hue Jackson. There are still teams trying to get new head leaders like the Cleveland Browns and the San Francisco 49ers. If you think you know who will sign where you can make money when you bet on it at Bovada.