The United States Presidential race is heating up as the candidates are going toe to toe to see who should be the front runner to become the new leader of the United States. While they battle it out for the right to become President, people who follow politics are rushing to the betting window to get in on the action.

The political race is not for everyone but considering what is on the line, everyone has some interest in the outcome. More importantly many of the top rated sportsbooks are now offering ways to bet on the race for the presidency. They have offered up odds on the latest elections and these odds are constantly changing.

That is why some of the best sports betting sites in the world have odds on this race and all of the other big political events. One of the sportsbooks that has these odds is William Hill. William Hill is a legendary bookmaker that has provided betting on sports and other unique events like politics for decades all over the globe.

To show just how long William Hill has been in the business you have to look back at its starting years. In 1934, William Hill opened his first off-track betting shop in Park Lane, London. This was the start of the company known today as William Hill. At the time, cash bookmaking was still illegal but he used a loophole the law that required credit only betting by having punters provide checks to place their wagers weeks in advanced. These were cashed only after the event had taken place, making it fully legal while he also retained lawful recourse against any bounced checks. He essentially became the first legal bookmaker and that kind of innovation is still in use today at this great sports betting site.

As far as politics is concerned the odds are out and Donald Trump’s odds are improving to become President. Trump's odds for winning the presidency in the November election are now 9/2, compared to 7/1 following the Iowa caucuses and major moves in the politic al arena. This is the time when Republicans are choosing who will run for President for their party and although Trump placed second he continues to grow in popularity.

He still trails Democrat Hillary Clinton, whose odds of winning the presidency were even or 50/50 in this ever changing market. Her odds of winning the presidency slipped from 4/5, or a 56 percent chance at the White House after losing several states in New England to Bernie Sanders, but overall she is still the favorite.

Although the race is far from over there is plenty of reason to go to William Hill now and see the latest odds to on the Presidential race. Although William Hill is not open for people from the United States, they still offer political odds on the race to become the next President of the US. Sign up at William Hill now and get in on the Presidential race!