Week 9 will officially mark the final weekend of the first half of the 2023-24 NFL season, and it’s already been a great start. There have been some great betting options throughout the year, and Week 9 is filled with some massive games. 

Not only can you bet on each game of the NFL season, but futures betting is always a good option as well. As we get ready to head into Week 9, there are a couple of good NFL special bets to make. 

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Which WR Sets a Record?

There was plenty of talk heading into the 2023-24 season about the record for most receiving yards during a season. Many believed that the record would fall, and there are a couple of receivers that look like they might be able to get that done. 

Calvin Johnson currently holds the record with 1,964 yards, but you shouldn’t expect that record to hold up. While there are a handful of players that can make a run at this as the season moves along, the betting odds have narrowed the list. 

Tyreek Hill is the current favorite to break this record at +350, and he could get it done with some weekends to spare. A.J. Brown of the Philadelphia Eagles isn’t far behind, and you can bet on him at +500 to get that done. 

There is also a unique option out there as you can bet on both players to break the record at +1600. That’s the option that you want to go with as these receivers are just going to continue to rack up the receiving yards this season. 

How Good is Christian McCaffrey?

San Francisco 49ers running back Chrstian McCaffrey has scored a touchdown in every single game this season, and he looks nearly unstoppable. San Francisco just continues to feed him the ball in the red zone, and he always finds a way to deliver. 

You can now bet on whether or not McCaffrey will score every game this season, and that is obviously something that hasn’t ever been done before. The odds suggest that it won’t happen in 2023-24 either as those odds are set at -2000 (at BetDSI).

You can get a really good payout if you bet on McCaffrey to score every game and he delivers as those odds are set at +700. That’s not the only way to bet on McCaffrey and his touchdowns though as there is an over/under betting market available as well. 

That number is still a massive number as the over/under is set at 22.5 total touchdowns. That feels like a really good line based on what has taken place up to this point, but going with the over feels like the smartest play to make. 

You do have to factor in injuries when betting on this type of market, but McCaffrey will get to at least 23 touchdowns if he plays a full season. 

Titans New QB

Will Levis started for the Tennessee Titans in Week 8, and all he did was throw four touchdown passes. Levis is going to get another start in Week 9, but you can now wager on if he will keep that spot for the rest of the year. 

If you want to bet on Levis to start the rest of the season for the Titans then you are going to see odds set at +135. If for some reason you believe that Levis will lose his starting job then you can bet on that to happen at -175. 

Take the “no” option with this bet as there are just too many variables to this one.