It’s time for the Super Bowl and the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs are currently getting ready for the big game. Betting on the Super Bowl is always a great option to explore and there are plenty of great bets to make as well. 

When betting on the Super Bowl, you should always be looking to find the best value in the betting odds. One way to get that done is to bet on touchdown scorers, and this is also a market where you want to take a bit of risk.

Here are three players that will score a touchdown in the Super Bowl, and creating a parlay with these players will lead to a big win.


Travis Kelce Anytime TD Scorer

Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes have set an NFL record by connecting for the most TD passes in playoff history. The San Francisco 49ers are going to be doing all that they can to stop Kelce from scoring a touchdown, but that’s just not going to happen.

Kansas City is going to spend some time in the red zone in this game, and Mahomes is always looking for his favorite target in that part of the field. Even if the 49ers are able to keep Kelce from breaking off a big play, eventually he is going to find a way to get to the end zone. 

The odds for Kelce to score a touchdown are pretty good, but this is still a bet that you simply can’t ignore. Kelce will help the Chiefs in a big way in this game by finding the end zone. 

Deebo Samuel Anytime TD Scorer

The San Francisco 49ers are a team with a ton of weapons, and it can be hard to try to predict which of their stars are going to find the end zone. It’s pretty likely that Christian McCaffrey is going to find the end zone at some point, but the odds just aren’t very valuable for that option.

Deebo Samuel has had a solid season for the 49ers, but he just hasn’t taken over a game like he has in the past. This is going to be his big moment to shine, and Samuel will have the ball in his hands a ton in this game. 

There are going to be some big moments in the Super Bowl and Deebo Samuel will have one of them. Take Samuel to score a Super Bowl touchdown as this is another bet that will lead to a good payday. 

Patrick Mahomes Anytime TD Scorer

You should always be looking to take some risks when betting on Super Bowl props, and taking Patrick Mahomes to score a touchdown would qualify as a big risk. Mahomes would prefer to throw the ball to his receivers to score a touchdown, but sometimes he just has to take matters into his own hands.

San Francisco is going to be coming after Mahomes in this game, and they are going to get him out of the pocket in this game. The 49ers will also be playing man coverage, and that will allow Mahomes to find his way into the end zone. 

Bet on Patrick Mahomes to score a Super Bowl touchdown, and this is going to create a big payday.