The business world and the sports betting world are often connected. Many believe that business, like the stock market is just another form of gambling. Many people also believe that sports betting are big business so it is only natural that the two are intertwined. Since they are connected it is not a surprise that there are several places that offer waging on financial markets and different aspects of business. One of those sportsbooks is Bovada. They are a highly respected sports betting site that has been in business for decades and they have been doing it right. With great management and a superb customer service team, Bovada is alive and kicking and trail blazing a path for all other sportsbooks to follow. They do many things that other sportsbooks have not done yet and this includes offering up wagering on business related issues. In fact recently they have offered new wagering options on Bitcoin.  This makes sense since Bovada uses Bitcoin as a method to fund their account and their players to get into action. Because of this they have wagering options on Bitcoin that are not offered anywhere but at the great sportsbook known as Bovada. For example, right now you can bet on where will the price of Bitcoin fall by the end of 2016? The options include < $300 20/1, $300 - $500 11/2, $500 - $800  2/3, $800 - $1000 27/20 and > $1000 9/2. All wagers have action. The closing price in US dollars on Dec. 31st 2015 will be used to grade the wagers. Coin desk BPI will be used for grading purposes. This is just the start of the interesting business wagers that they will be offering. They also offer up other betting options like the following: Which country will be next to adopting the national digital currency? Australia 8/1, China 5/6, Mexico 3/1, Philippines 3/1, Russia 11/2 or the United States 10/1. If neither country issues a state-backed national digital currency by the end of 2018 then all wagers will be deemed void. Will the Winklevoss twins make the Forbes Billionaire list by 2018? Yes 7/2 or No1/5. They must be listed on the Forbes Billionaire List whether collectively as Winklevii or individually for 'Yes' to be graded a win. These unique wagering props in the business world can only be found at Bovada.  Life is too short to not be able to bet on what you want to bet on and that it is why to have an account at Bovada. They are an elite betting location and whether you like to bet on sports, in the casino at the race book or in the poker room, Bovada is ready to give you what you need. This of course includes unique wagering options and the latest advances in the sports betting world. Start getting what you deserve from your sports betting site and bet at Bovada today! If you think you know the business world then today is your day to win money at Bovada.