Handicappers are always looking for new and exciting ways to get an edge. Those that like to dive into the player props market may find just what they are looking for at BetOnline Sportsbook. Most sportsbooks offer player props for the notable players, but BetOnline has taken it one step further. They actually allow you to bet on player performance in a revolutionary way. Just below the Main Sports header in the left-hand column at BOL, you’ll find the Player Props section. You can build customized prop bets based on how big of a risk that you want to take. Other offshore sportsbooks traditionally offer a standard over/under. You can still make that type of no-frills player prop bet, but you can take it one step further. A variety of different statistical categories are available for the major sports and you can also bet head-to-head player propositions in different games. Do you think CJ McCollum will have more assists for the Portland Trail Blazers against the Detroit Pistons than Donovan Mitchell will have for the Utah Jazz against the New Orleans Pelicans? Select McCollum as your primary player. Pick “Assists” from the drop-down menu. Then select Donovan Mitchell. BetOnline will calculate the odds for you and then you’ll have the decision to make. For this example from February 5, BetOnline’s prop betting product threw out odds of +110 for McCollum to have more assists than Mitchell. You can even add additional opponents and see their prices in the main window. Add Jrue Holiday to the mix and you’ll get a payout at +696 if McCollum has more assists than both of those guys. You can also order the players from most to least in terms of assists. If you expect McCollum to be first, Mitchell to be second, and Holiday to be third, you’ll get a payout at +1686! If that seems too risky or too strenuous, you can bet simple over/unders, but you can also bet Quick picks. Do you think Andre Drummond will get 16 points? You can bet it at -113. Can he get 18 points? You can bet that at +102. How about a 20-point game? The payback on that is +118. Once your player reaches that number of points, assists, steals, or rebounds, your bet is a winner. You aren’t betting exact point totals, you are simply betting a threshold which the player has to exceed. One drawback to this new setup from BetOnline is that only certain leagues are offered. A higher-variance environment like college basketball is not supported by the product just yet, but you can look to take advantage of the NBA player prop market, as well as the soccer prop market. The NFL will be offered once again when games start back up. Having a diversified betting portfolio is a must. Full-game lines are too difficult to beat on a regular basis nowadays. Derivatives and live betting have become really popular. Maybe build your own player props are the next frontier when it comes to the sports betting industry. If so, BetOnline is already ahead of the betting curve.