Survivor contests have increased in popularity for the NFL over the last several years. The concept is really simple. You have to pick a team to win straight up that week. You cannot pick the same team more than once. And that’s it. Those are the only two rules. Well, that and ties lose, but we get maybe one tie per season in the NFL on average, so it’s almost not worth mentioning. What is worth mentioning are the prize pools for the two Survivor contests being offered by BetOnline Sportsbook. There is a $100,000 Winner-Take-All NFL Survivor Contest and a $10,000 Winner-Take-All Survivor Contest. BetOnlineYour first entry in the $100,000 Winner-Take-All NFL Survivor Contest is $25. Your next four entries would only be $20. Entries 6-10 would only be $15. Entries 11 through 25 would be $10 each. You can enter up to 25 times to take your shot at the $100,000 prize. At those costs, the maximum number of entries costs $330 for 25 whacks at $100,000. That’s not a bad return on your investment, eh? If there are multiple winners tied after Week 17 that haven’t lost a game yet, then the prize pool is split. You are in the contest until you pick a team that loses. Once that happens, you are out and that’s that. In the $10,000 Winner-Take-All NFL Survivor Contest, your first entry is free. It is only your only entry. The same rules apply to both contests. Picks lock five minutes before kickoff. Up until that point, you can change your pick if you desire, so long as your team has not already played. The goal is to simply pick the straight-up winner in the game. Remember, you can use each team only once, which is where the strategy really comes in. If you fade the Jacksonville Jaguars with the Indianapolis Colts in Week 1, you cannot take the Colts again against the Jags in Week 17, assuming you make it that far anyway. Also, if you miss or skip a week, you are out. You have to pick a team every week and it has to be a team that you have not picked before. If you have multiple entries in the $100,000 contest, you cannot use the same team twice in a season with the same entry, but you can use that team with one of your entries if you have not used them previously. If nothing else, even if you aren’t confident in your NFL Survivor abilities, joining the free $10,000 Survivor Contest is simply a no-brainer. The prize pool for the $100,000 Contest certainly makes it worth your while. If you don’t have an account over at BetOnline Sportsbook, now is the time. Not only do they offer these outstanding Survivor contests, but they also have their version of the iconic Westgate SuperContest in Las Vegas with the $250,000 Mega Contest. Not to mention, they are an originator in the markets and will often be the first offshore to post college football and NFL lines for the next week. Furthermore, sign up through us here at BangTheBook and get an exclusive deposit bonus to get a head start on your football season. Good luck this year and happy picking!