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If you are a huge football fan and you like to bet on the game then you must have an account at a sports betting site that will offer up odds on the NFL all season long. Some sites are better at it than others. It seems as though every online sport betting site will have odds on every team to win the Super Bowl, but only a few elite sports betting sites will have more betting options like win totals, future odds on division winners, who will be the MVP of the upcoming season and more.

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Betting the over 10.5 on the Patriots may seem like a logical bet. They have a great coach, awesome quarterback and a solid team that plays in a watered down division. However, there is still a chance that they could lose Brady for the first four games of the regular season. If this happens then the football bettor could see a dramatic change in the win totals for this team. If this happens then there could be value in betting on the win totals now instead of when the season begins.

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