The NFL draft is an exciting time of the season for a football fan. The professional teams are trying their best to make the right selection and add the right player to their team that will ultimately turn their football franchise into a championship squad.

This time of the season is not only exciting for the football fan, but it is exciting for the football handicapper. The football handicapper who is most likely missing the National Football League at this time of the year with no football games to bet on, can still get their fix while betting on the NFL draft. Many of the best online sportsbooks will offer up a long list of NFL props during the season, but only the best of the best will offer up NFL props on the NFL draft.

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The draft starts this week and will cover many days and you can bet on it at Sports Interaction. They offer many unique betting props that you will not find at any other sport betting site. This includes which player will be the first overall selection. At one point this could have been a difficult decision to be made but that all changed in the last few weeks.

The Los Angeles Rams are a team that is changing cities this season and they gave their fan base even more reason to be excited as they recently made a blockbuster trade to get the top overall pick in the NFL draft. They gave away a bounty of draft picks to the Tennessee Titans to make sure that they would be the team to get the first player in the NFL draft. Although they will most certainly nab a quarterback, it is uncertain which one will it be.

Carson Wentz out of North Dakota State or Jared Goff from the University of California Berkeley are the two players that are considered and if you think you know which one it will be you can bet on it at Sports Interaction. Right now the odds have both Wentz and Goff at -120, which is even to be picked no. 1 overall.

They also have other betting options like Ohio State standout running back, Ezekiel Elliot, who is listed as -1600 favorite to be the first running back off the draft board. They also have offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil out of Mississippi as the top pick on the offensive line. Tunsil has -750 odds to be the first offensive lineman to be drafted this year. This is just the start of things that you can bet on concerning the NFL draft.

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