You love sports and you love to bet on sports. You would rather win than lose! Your chances of winning are substantially better when you develop and use a strategy instead of just betting on hunches. But, what are the best sports betting strategies that will help you make money now and over the long haul? For free expert sports picks, predictions & sportsbook reviews you can always visit BangTheBook. Best Sports Betting Strategies
  • Bet to make money and not to support the local team
  • Bet where you have an advantage
  • Keep track of your wins and losses
  • Contrarian betting: do not follow the herd
  • Manage your betting capital
Cheer for Your Team but Do Not Bet on Them The baseball team you have cheered for since you were a kid is making a run for the pennant. Betting against them makes you feel like you are a traitor. But, the best sport betting strategies are not based on supporting the home team. They are based on knowing the factors that affect the odds and using that knowledge to place smart bets. So, what do you know about sports? Unless, of course, you find a promotion like the one at GTBets to get a half-point worth of value on your favorite team! Bet Where You Have an Advantage Sometimes you come across valuable information that no one else knows about. You are buying a pair of shoes and the owner of the store is bragging about how the new halfback for the local pro team is his customer. The guy has foot problems and needs specially fitted shoes! You know that this athlete will not perform as well as expected and that gives you an advantage in betting against the local team. Betting where you have an advantage means that you should bet on sports you have played and know a lot about. If you played hockey and have followed the sport for years, this is where to place your bets and not on pro tennis of which you know very little. If you follow sports closely, you know that a bad trade or just one player having a bad season due to an injury can make the difference between winning the division and finishing in second place. When you pay attention to the details, you have an advantage in sports betting. Always use that advantage in your betting. Keeping Track of Wins and Losses We all remember the time that we placed a bet with long odds and turned $10 into $1,000. But, we tend to forget all of those $10 bets that we lost. One of the easiest and best sports betting strategies, or habits to get into, is to keep track of your wins and losses. That will help you develop a consistent plan for when and how to bet. Contrarian Betting Some guy on a sports show on the TV is convinced that a certain college team will win the NCAA basketball championship. And, he has convinced most of the sports betting public as well. When everyone wants to bet on the favorite, it changes the odds and the point spread. Here is where you can take a contrarian stance. Bet a few dollars on the underdog. You may lose more often than you win, but when you win, the reward can be substantial! Contrarian betting can be profitable. For more on contrarian betting, click here. Manage Your Betting Capital Smart bettors bet to make money, not lose it. They know that no one ever wins all of their bets all of the time. And, they are fully aware that any bettor can go into a losing streak. They manage their betting capital by limiting the size of each bet. That way no single wager results in a financial disaster. And, by using their best sports betting strategies, they gain more than they lose, steadily making money month after month and year after year.