If you ask anyone who has ever made any sort of financial transaction or bought anything on the internet will probably be able to tell you about a bad experience that they had. The internet can be a place of a lot of misleading information and a place where shady business people are able to hide behind their URL. It is a place that can allow them to do bad business and no one will ever be able to tell that it was them and then they are up doing business under another name a few weeks later. This is definitely true when it comes to the world of online sports betting and online sportsbooks. These bad experiences sparked our desire to find the best online sportsbooks out there. We devoted a lot of hours and energy (and even money) to do research and find which are the most reputable sportsbooks out there on the internet. It took us around a year to complete the research on more than 200 different online sportsbooks. We decided to do this for our trusted users because they deserve to know who is for real and who isn’t. We also did it so that our users didn’t have to figure it out the hard way. Our process was extensive and quite all-encompassing. It started with opening accounts on numerous bookmaking sites all across the internet. We paid close attention to the entire process of working with these various sites. From the initial deposits to wagers and to, finally, withdrawing any winnings that we may have earned, we paid attention to the process. The process on the best sites functioned flawlessly. The top sites also allowed for betting on a wide range of international, national, and local sporting events, horse racing, and casino games. They allowed for larger bets and were genuinely the best at what they do. Another one of the aspects that we made sure to investigate and look into was the online bookmaker brands. Aside from the way that their process function, it was important for us to look into the history and ongoing reputation of these sites because it would be a great way to gain a lot of insight into the sites without having to do very much. Sites that have established themselves as a consistent brand on the internet without a break in the action and with minimal bad reviews from users, can be considered contenders for being good sites to work with. More times than not, prospective bettors will go onto other online review sites and there are going to be lists of hundreds of different online bookmakers. We did not feel that this was the best way to do our list of top sites. We wanted to focus on quality over quantity when it comes to sites we ranked. This quality over quantity approach allows prospective bettors to chose one or two sites from our list that they will be able to do business with for a long time. Our reviews of the various bookmaking sites allowed us to rank MyBookie.AG and BetDSI as our top bookmakers. They are at the top of our list and there are other great bookmakers on the list as well. One of the things that we will continue to do is to make sure to update this list as things change. We are going to continue to monitor reviews and social media to make sure that the sites that we ranked continue to do their business in the best of ways. If the way their conduct themselves changes, then our ranking will change to reflect that.