If you are new to betting on sports, it is incredibly important that you find a sport betting portal that will get you started in the right direction which includes the basic principles of sports betting. This includes of course finding a sportsbook that is not only patient but is safe and secure.

If you are new to sports betting and you are looking to sign up and try betting online, then you should check out BetAnySports. They are a top rated sports betting site that has been in the business for decades. They have a solid reputation as a sports betting site that welcomes all new players and they are more than willing to usher them into an incredible sports betting experience. This includes offering up an incredible customer service staff that is willing to work one on one so the new sports bettor will have a point of contact that they can use to talk to when they have any questions considering sports betting.

When a new player begins to bet on sports, especially online, it can become very confusing. They have so many questions and limited contacts or fewer options, but not at BetAnySports. At BetAnySports they focus on the new player and they make sure that the new player has every option possible to ask any question that may have so ultimately they will have a top notch experience when they are betting on sports. BetAnySports is a part of the 5 Dimes sports betting family so you know they are good.

For a new sports bettor they have all of the basic sports betting options and they also take time to explain which each option is all about. For example a straight bet which is also known as a side,  is one of the most common forms of sports betting where you pick in advance which team will win the game. This could include a “point spread” in some options or maybe you just have to pick the winner straight up. For baseball, you bet on which team will win the game outright. For basketball or football, there will generally be a point spread as part of the bet. If the number is positive, then you add the points to your team's score. If the number is negative, then subtract those points from your team's score. The side with the higher score after the points are applied is the winner. This is the kind of knowledge and explanation that you will find when you sign up and bet on sports at BetAnySports.

They also have an easy cashier process that will allow the new player to easily send money to their account to get started. They will also supply a new player bonus that will give you extra money to learn the craft when you bet on sports at BetAnySports.

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