All of the college basketball fans and the college basketball handicappers that like to bet on hoops are looking for the best college basketball March Madness contest. These bracket contests come in different forms but everyone can agree that they are all looking for a chance to win a big jackpot this March.

The best part about online sportsbooks is that they have the customers and they have the cash to open up their vaults and give away some big cash prizes during the month of March and all of the Madness that ensues when the NCAA Tournament takes over this week.

WagerWeb is a classic sports betting site that has been in the business for decades. They have a solid reputation as one of the best places to bet on all of types of sports which of course includes college basketball and the 2016 NCAA Tournament.

This reputation is so great because of the great contests that they offer to their players and this of course includes the $1,000,000 bracket contest that they have ready for the month of March.

There are two prize options and the first one is a big one.  If any one participant in the WagerWeb Million Dollar Mayhem scores the maximum score of 3,381 points, that person will win $1,000,000. This is an incredible prize and very obtainable for the lucky college basketball fan that knows his way around a bracket.

If none of the contestants of the WagerWeb Million Dollar Mayhem score the maximum 3,381 points, WagerWeb will give out 100 prizes to the top scorers. Prizes are listed as follows and they include some big money for the college basketball bettor fan that picks a great college basketball bracket during the March Madness.  The top high score will get $5,000, the second highs core will get$3,000, the third high score will get $2,000, the fourth high scorer will get $1,000, the fifth high scorer will get $750, the sixth high scorer will get $500, the seventh high scorer will get $400, the eighth high scorer will get $300, the ninth high scorer will get $300, the tenth high scorer will get $100 and that is just the start of the great prizes. They will also give out prizes for the top 100 finishers. If you finish between 11 and 20 you will get fifty bucks, if you finish between 21 and 3o you will get 25 bucks, if you finish between 31 and 50 you will get 20 bucks, if you finish between 51 and 100 you will get 10 bucks.

The difference between the great March Madness contest at WagerWeb and the other places is that they are giving out more cash and with more prizes; more players have a chance to get paid. Stop playing at a place that only offers up prize money to the ultimate winner or to the people that finish in the top ten and instead join in on the fun at WagwerWeb and get the best of both worlds while you try to win one million dollars!