Best XFL Betting Sites & Sportsbooks

The XFL is not quite as popular as the NFL season, but it is a league that is really starting to become more and more popular. XFL betting is very similar to the NFL, but there are some big differences in the way that the games are played out. There are just eight teams in the current XFL, and the season gets started just as NFL football is starting to wind down. This is not a particularly long season, but there are still plenty of XFL betting options to explore. This article will discuss some of the best XFL betting sites, and it will also explain how to bet XFL. After reading this article you should have a much better chance at winning some money when betting the XFL, and you will know where you need to go to place your wagers.


Knowing where to find the best XFL sportsbooks is the first step towards having some success when betting on this league. You will find that there are some terrific options available, and they come in many different forms. Here is a look at the best XFL sportsbooks, and all of these options are going to have plenty of available bets to make.

BetDSI is part of a massive online gambling company, and it’s the sports betting arm. BetDSI has plenty of years of experience in this industry, and that has helped it to become an unquestioned leader.


Bookmaker is known to have some terrific betting options available for all sports, and that includes the XFL. If you are looking for some unique ways to bet the XFL then Bookmaker should be your first stop.


BetUS Sportsbook comes with competitive betting odds and lines, and it also has a great welcome bonus for new customers. For those that are looking for a great XFL Sportsbook to use then BetUS is a terrific option.


Bovada Sportsbook was founded back in 2011, and it’s still one of the newer online sportsbooks out there. It didn’t take long for Bovada to become a real contender though, especially when it comes to XFL wagering.

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BetOnline was founded all th way back in 2004, and it’s been a leader for nearly 20 years. BetOnline has a terrific customer support team to answer any questions, and it has some great wagering options.

6Featured MyBookie

MyBookie is known for having a long list of prop and futures betting options, and those are both great betting types to look at. There are some great online sportsbooks in this industry, but MyBookie is a proven and trusted name.


There are some important XFL betting terms that you need to know, but they are going to be similar to the terms used on the NFL. The terms underdog and favorite are important to know, because that will really give you the first glimpse into a matchup. 

You also need to know that the XFL has some different rules than the NFL, and those can impact how these games play out. This game is played a bit faster pace than the NFL is as well, and that can make some betting options a bit harder to think about. 

XFL betting is similar to the NFL in most ways though, and it’s also similar to other sports that are available for wagering. As long as you know and understand how to bet, then you shouldn’t be surprised with anything that comes from XFL wagering. 


If you want to know how to bet XFL then you have to know the different betting options that are available to you. These are similar options to what you would find on the NFL or any of the other major professional sports as well. 

Here is a look at the best XFL bets to make if you want to win some money. 

Against the Spread

Betting against the spread is going to be the most common and popular XFL betting option that is out there. This type of bet is not only picking the winning or losing team, but you also have to predict how close the final score will be. 

Anytime you see the betting odds listed for and XFL game, they are going to be the spread odds for that particular matchup. 


If you are struggling to find the right bet to make against the spread, then the next option to look at is going to be betting the moneyline. With this type of wager, all you have to do is pick the winning team, and the odds will tell you how much money you can potentially win. 

This is the most basic form of betting on any sport, and that includes betting the XFL. 


Totals betting is much different from the first options listed above as you aren’t making a wager on the winning or losing team with this matchup. When it comes to totals betting, you are simply make a bet on the total number of points scored in a game. 

This type of wager is sometimes referred to as an over/under as those are the only two betting options to choose from. 


Futures betting is a way to wager on the XFL without having to wait for the season to start. A popular futures betting option is to pick the eventual league champion, or you can also look at trying to pick individual award winners. 


Prop betting options will come in both individual and team form, and there will be plenty of options to choose from. You are usually going to be wagering on statistics when betting on props, but there could also be some unique options out there as well. 

Live Betting

Live betting is simply making a wager while the game is taking place, and it can be a great tool to use when betting on the XFL. When it comes to live betting, you will be able to use most of the same betting options listed above, and that includes putting together a live parlay. 


If you really want to know how to bet on the XFL, then there are some tips that can help you be more successful. You will ultimately have to figure some things out on your own, but following these simple tips can help put you on the right step towards being successful. 

Use Different Bets

Betting the spread is always going to be the first option to look at when betting on the XFL, but it’s not the only betting option that you should explore. If you want to give yourself the best chance to win some money then you need to look at different betting options that are out there. 

Every betting option is going to come with different odds, and those odds are really what you should be looking at. Don’t lock yourself into just one betting option, as that will limit your chances to win some money. 

Always Know the Injuries

You are going to have to do plenty of research when trying to make predictions for any XFL game, and there are a ton of things to look at. One of the most important things to keep an eye on is the injury list for each team in a matchup. 

The XFL doesn’t have as strict of rules as the NFL does when it comes to reporting injuries, but this information is still going to be easy to find out. You have to make sure that you aren’t betting on a team that is missing a key piece to the offense or defense. 

Another thing that you have to pay attention to are the betting trends for each team. Some teams might not be able to win a game outright, but they might be doing a great job of covering the spread. 

You also want to look at the scoring trends for each team in a matchup as those can impact how you are going to bet on the over/under in certain situations. 

Bet the Games Lives

Most of your betting is likely going to be done before the XFL games begin, but that’s not the only way that you can bet. There are going to be some great live betting options out there as well, and those can sometimes actually come with better options than pregame wagering. 

If you are going to attempt to get into some live betting action then it would be wise to follow along with the game that is taking place. You can either do this by watching on TV or even being at the game live, but you need to know what’s happening if you want to make an in-game wager. 


The National Football League might be the most popular sports betting market in the United States, but any football is going to be a big hit. The XFL really starts to heat up just as the NFL season is ending, and that creates plenty more football drama and excitement. 

You now have a much better idea of the XFL betting options that are out there, as well as where to find the best XFL betting sites & sportsbooks. As long as you follow some of the XFL betting tips that are listed above then you should set yourself up for some success when betting on this sport. 

Football betting doesn’t have to stop at the conclusion of the NFL season as you can now just roll right into betting on the XFL. Make sure that you get in the game during the next XFL season and you will have a chance to win some money while betting on this sport.