Best College Football Betting Sites & Sportsbooks

College football is one of the most popular betting options in the United States, and it’s also a sport that is enjoyed by many as well. College football begins in the early part of September, and a national champion is crowned in January every single year. When it comes to college football, there are three different divisions that are played. It’s the teams that play at the highest level that attracts the most attention, and that’s also where you see most of the betting options. There are just four teams that make it to the College Football Playoff each year, but that number is going to be expanding soon. There are other major bowl games that take place throughout the year, and those teams are chosen based on how they perform during the regular season. This article will not only give you the best college football betting sites & sportsbooks, but it will also give you tips so you know how to bet on college football.


Knowing how to bet on college football is going to be an important step, but you also need to know where you should be wagering. Choosing the right sportsbook is going to be a huge part in sports betting, especially during the college football season. Here are six of the best college football sportsbooks to use the next time that you are wanting to wager on the sport.

BetDSI was founded all the way back in 1998, and it has been providing bettors with a terrific option since that time. While other sportsbooks sometimes focus on features, BetDSI is concerned with providing the best sports betting experience.


Bookmaker Sportsbook will have the best betting odds and lines for all college football games, and that can lead to more winning. Bookmaker will be a great option during the college football season, regardless of the game you are wanting to bet on.


BetUS has a wide range of betting options, and it is going to feature plenty of bets on college football games. BetUS has a huge welcome bonus available for new customers, and it also has some terrific live betting options.


Bovada Sportsbook has been around since 2011, and it’s an operator that has consistently gotten better since that time. Bovada will offer some great prop betting options to go along with competitive betting odds and lines.

5BetOnline Bonus Featured

BetOnline has been around since 2004, and it’s a terrific online sports betting option. While BetOnline will focus on some of the top international sports, there will be plenty of college football options as well.

6Featured MyBookie

MyBookie Sportsbook has a terrific mobile app that is going to be loaded with college football betting options each year. There is a nice welcome bonus from MyBookie, and it’s a site that is proven and trusted.


College football is similar to betting on other sports, and most of the terms are going to be the same. There are some college football terms that can help you out, and they are terms that you will need to know. 

You will need to know which team is the underdog in every college football game, and the other team would then be the favorite. If you are going to bet the underdog, then you will get a much bigger payout than you would if you back the favorite. 

It’s also important to know the difference between a conference game or a nonconference game. The best matchups are usually reserved for conference games, and that can have an impact on the betting odds as well. 


One of the biggest reasons that college football is a great sport to bet on is that there are plenty of betting options out there. If you are going to bet on college football, then here are the best betting types to use. 

Against the Spread

If you are ever looking at a college football matchup, the spread betting lines are going to be what you see listed first. This type of betting allows you to bet on the winner or the loser, but you are wagering on the difference in the final score for both teams. 


Moneyline betting on college football is only going to be a good option on some college football games, and that’s if you aren’t comfortable betting the spread. With a moneyline bet, all that you have to do is pick the winning team, but the payouts will be different for each team. 


Another great betting option when it comes to college football is what is known as a totals bet. This is also called an over/under, and it’s a bet that is placed on the total number of points scored in a game. 


College football betting doesn’t have to wait until the games actually start, as futures bets can really be placed anytime. A futures bet can be made on a number of different things, but picking the eventual College Football Playoff champion is going to be a popular way to wager.


Both player and team prop betting is going to be available for college football games, and both are terrific betting options. Prop betting odds are usually terrific, and this type of betting can keep things fun and interesting as well. 


Parlays are another great way to wager on college football, and you are in complete control of this type of bet. If you are going to create a college football parlay, then you will be able to use any different betting options that you want to make this bet. 

Live Betting

Live betting is another great way to bet on college football, but you are going to have to be quick when making your decisions. Live betting allows you to bet right along with the action, and you can usually get some great betting odds and lines. 


Knowing how to bet on college football can be tough to figure out at first, but there are some tips that can help make things easier. Here is a look at some of the top college football betting tips to help you win big. 

Vary Betting Types

If you want to be serious about betting on college football and winning money, then you need to look at varying betting types. Each betting type is going to offer a different way to win money, and giving yourself the most chances to win is going to be important. 

Check Weather Report

Since most college football games are played outdoors, then you are going to need to check out the weather report before making a bet. The weather can end up having a huge impact on the outcome of college football games, and it can impact your bets, especially if you are betting the total. 

Follow Line Movement

Most college football lines are released at least five days before the game is set to be played, but those odds are going to move throughout the week. You need to keep a close eye on the betting odds and lines and then looking to strike when you believe that the odds are the best that they will get. 

Know the Injuries

College football is a very physical and violent sport, and it’s one that leads to injuries. If you are going to bet on college football games, then you will need to take a close eye at the injury report for each team. It might even be worth it to wait until right before kickoff to wager, as some of the injuries aren’t always known. 

Keep Parlays Small

Parlay betting can be a great tool to use if you are going to be on college football, but only when things are done correctly. If you are going to look to put together a parlay, then you also need to be able to show some restraint. 

Keeping your parlays to just three to five legs is a great thing to do, and that can still give you a chance at a big win. 


College football betting is always a great option to explore, especially on the biggest games of the year. The best college football sportsbooks will have some great betting options available, and they will all have terrific lines as well. 

Now that you have some tips on how to bet on college football, you should be able to win more wagers as well. Every college football game is different, but betting on all of them is going to be very similar. 

There is a reason that NFL is king when it comes to betting, but college football isn’t very far behind at all. This sport can also provide some extra betting options while waiting around for NFL football on Sunday. 

Betting on college football always plays, especially when done at the best sportsbooks for this sport.